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  1. Jarek@mgflasher

    MG Flasher Now Supports Late Model B48 MINIs!

    MG Flasher is excited to announce official support for the MINI B48 platform. Many hours of driving, logging, and testing have helped us develop optimized OTS maps with excellent results and positive feedback from all beta testers! Furthermore, since the new BMW X1 and X2 have similar software...
  2. Jarek@mgflasher

    B48/B46 F & G series are now supported by MG Flasher

    BMW B48 F & G series are now supported on MG Flasher update version 1.3.25! Support for BMW B46 and B48 engines in F-series and G-series vehicles has now been added to MG Flasher! We are happy to announce OTS maps stage 1 and stage 2 are now available for selected models. The amount of time...