AD Engineering Ford 8.8 Kit with 1000 hp DSS axles


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
UPDATE: The kit is now officially listed for sale!

The Ford 8.8 rear end has become a popular choice for cars equipped with weaker rear ends that can't take the punishment. The stock BMW e92/90/88 etc diff is no exception. With no ring & pinion options and no driveshaft options we have now started reaching power levels that break both those parts. Even with $3k in investments of axles and LSD you're still stuck with only 3 ratio options, a pinion that will snap, and a 2pc driveshaft that will break. Knowing that we will only be making more power in the future we needed a solution that is both strong enough for our current power levels and the power levels of the N54 to come.

And for those who want a built diff to go with this conversion kit:


Enter the ADE BMW Ford 8.8 IRS Conversion Kit. This kit contains everything needed to install a Ford 8.8 IRS into your E-series 135i or 335i.

Kit includes:
-DSS Custom 1000+hp Axles
-300M Stub shafts
-3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft with trans adapter
-Front Aluminum Diff Bushings
-Front Diff Bracket
-ADE Custom Diff Cover with bearing cap supports
-Rear Diff Mounting Plate
-Subframe Mount Bushings
-All mounting hardware

All that is needed is a donor Diff from a 08+ Ford Explorer (available for an additional cost).

6MT large outer core axles must be mailed in or a $400 refundable core charge is needed.

Core axles are instock

We also offer built Ford 8.8 Diffs to make your purchase a one stop shop complete bolt-on package.

Currently built 8.8s include:
-Donor 8.8 IRS
-Detroit Helical 31spline LSD
-New ring&pinion of your ratio choice
-fully assembled with all new bearing and seals.

Diff rebuild service available here:

No more broken drivetrain parts!

There has not been a lot of public information on this, so here are finally some details from our friends at @AD-ENG and @Horsepower Barn

"It's the AD Engineering 8.8 kit it comes with DSS axles 3.5"aluminum one piece driveshaft comes with new rear AD diff cover and mounts and bushings all you need is a 31 spline Ford explorer center diff. If you can't find one we can provide one and we can also do the posi install and gear selection of your choice at an added cost. If you need any more info let me know base price is 3200.00."

"the axles have a no break guarantee at 1000hp from DSS if you break them they will warranty the repair for us."

Several of these have been ordered, good times are coming.

Feast your eyes on these photos:






Nov 7, 2016
'08 135i, 95 318ti M52 swapped
So awesome to finally have pictures to jizz over now instead of just my own wet dreams of ford rear end lol
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Nov 17, 2016
Henderson, NV
E92 335, F10 M5
Posi lock 8.8 is only a few hundred bucks. Basically knocking out all the driveshaft-back weakness in one swoop.
Killing it over there, nice job Ad-E.
Damn that came out great! And @WedgePerformance, you're really balling out on this build huh?

Figured there was no point in going part way. I'll just end up breaking shit and missing out on another year of enjoying my car. Can't wait to stand on it only to watch it build boost without having to worry about the trans letting go or breaking an axle when she launches. 0-60 in 1st should be interesting. 60-130 should be fun also as I will only have 1 shift around 105. Now I just need a Boost Box... ;-)