Ad: ABR Houston N55 engine program


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Oct 25, 2016
Houston, Texas
Well, we've got some neat stuff floating around.
We've got aftermarket performance valvetrain available for N55 and S55 now.
Fully ported heads, as well.

Stg1 is 899
Stg2 is 1899
Stg3 is 2499
Our own custom valvetrain to any cylinder head above is an additional 2769.
No one offers Valvetrain for S55 or N55 :)
Flow numbers from our Stg3 head with valvetrain.

Closed decks, Forged pistons, Aftermarket rods, Pinned hubs all available for N55/S55
I'm working on pricing to get on the website for N55, but they are a little different animal with 3 different blocks we've found, compared to the N54 family where all you have to worry about is the crank bolt pattern.
n55 head.JPG