A decent high HP clutch!!!


Nov 28, 2016
2007 335i 2008 535i
I will keep this short as possible. Skip to the bottom if you don't like reading.

Like most of you I started out by upgrading to a is clutch, at 21psi e60 mixture it started slipping.

I jumped on the Mfactory Group buy in 2016 and jut the full faced sprung hub. Had to wait quite a bit longer to get the sprung hub. Quite a few months later I got it, and had it installed a few weeks later. Did the break in period. 2nd run on 25psi peak and e85 it starts slipping. The clutch was also loud and not something you would want to daily drive. I assumed it was improperly installed.

Reached out to Mfactory they told me I have defective hub hence why it was slipping at a relatively low power level. They sent me a new one along with the clutch material and made it right. I had a different shop replace it as i suspected the previous guys didn't do it right.

Get it back and the driving characteristics were unchanged.
1)the rattle with the clutch pressed in was horrible. (idle set at 900RPM)
2)engagement was on or off
3)horrible vibrations between 2500-3000 RPMS essentially right at cruising speed in 6th gear.

At this point I stopped driving the car and lost interest for a month or so. Looked at alternatives like SPEC/Motive and after talking to a few people that had them, realized that it has the same issues.

So at this point I decided to tackle the issues myself.

I personally removed the clutch and flywheel and sent out everything to get balanced to an independent shop. 3 weeks later I got everything back, they balanced the flywheel, and pressure plate to 1 gram accuracy.

I removed 1 shim on reinstalation for a total of 6 if I recall.

I also Installed a Kevlar blanket around the tranny to act as a sound insulator.

I put everything together start the car and there is some horrible metal on metal sound. At this point I thought that it was an install error on my part since I did this myself.

So I pull the tranny off again. Just to realize its the bolts that hold the pressure plate to the flywheel making contact with the throwout bearing fork since I removed 1shim and it sitting a little closer now.
I didnt want to shave down the bolts since that would ruin the balance, so I tool a flapper disc to the fork and removed 1.5 MM of material. Finally final reassembely.

1) The rattle with the clutch pressed it reduced by about 70%.
2) engagement is much more livable.
3)Vibrations were reduced as well, and they are in the SUB 2000RPM range now.

I started daily driving this car again. It is still not as smooth as my coworkers supra with a twin disc RPS clutch, but its not bad.

What I would recommend doing
1) have the whole assembelly balanced, also have them shave down those bolts at least 10mm before they balance the flywheel.
2)install the kevlar blanket. make sure to leave the front bottom hole exposed as I am pretty sure it brings in cool air to cool the back of the flywheel.


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