1. HUDDY123

    Is there any bmw n20 XDFs?

    I cant find any XDFs for my 2014 328i N20 engine and would appreciate if someone can guide me to one
  2. serm87

    Hi all Im looking for a tuner to tune my m240i

    Can someone please recommend me a good tuner for my BMW m240i 2017? I have the following upgrades: downpipe, TU pump and GC Vargas turbo
  3. Pete.J

    S55 What's the process to obtain a S55 M4 GTS or better M4 GT4 virgin .bin file?

    I am embarking on the journey of self-tuning my own M4 myself (I did something similar with my old N54 many years ago), so I am looking for the highest power factory tune bin file, M4 GTS or M4 GT4 (race car), and then I'll build my own tune upon it. We did a similar thing in the N54 days...
  4. G

    N55 upgrades on high power

    Hello guys, I finally decide to keep my car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}, manufactured in 2010 automatic gearbox (No DCT). Mileage this moment is 150,000KM. I need advice from experienced people, what kind of upgrades is neccessary to handle a big power. For instance, `Speedtech` HP charts says, that...
  5. Veli

    N54 Ghost Cam

    Hello everyone, I'm aware that the following topic may be considered ricey and unnecessary, but I'm already too deep in the rabbit hole and I need answers. I don't plan to use it daily since I'm aware of the effects it has on fuel consumption and the rest of the downsides, and I just want to...
  6. Mondhund

    B58 M140i B58 MHD cyl timing corrections log Review

    Hello together! meanwhile I drive for a week the MHD Stage 1 on my M140i and thought that I should now take a closer look at the logs. I fill up exclusively at Shell V-Power with 100RON, so about 94oct. Enclosed now my logs, which I have recorded: with93oct stage1...
  7. corbanistan

    TunerPro ADX / Live Data

    Has anybody here used the data acquisition & logging functions in TunerPro for these cars? Been messing around with it and ADX files lately. I understand basically how it works but haven't been able to get any meaningful data from the car in real-time at all. I've seen it done before in a newer...
  8. PlutoxE90

    N54 Spool Street and Tuning virgin

    Hello, I literally just made my account, I have been wanting to tune my N54 for a while now by myself but really have no idea where to start. So if someone would like to take me under their wing and help a brother out that would be great. even text me (405) 779-9779 :) and I Mean like I tune it...
  9. S

    Need Help Tuning

    I honestly have no clue where to start this. I've been trying to self tune my N54 for a little and I cant ever seem to get everything right. Added fuel, saw the decrease in afrs (from 14-13). Did a few pulls and it felt good with no timing correction. Bumped up each load target table by 10. Did...
  10. S

    N55 3.5 Bar issue *PLEASE HELP*

    I am trying to tune my own car and from what I gathered its working great but I've just upgraded turbo and also bought 3.5 bar sensor. My issue is that I want to run 24-25 psi but even if I set load to 220 I can't run above 22.6. I assume I need to not click the 3.5 checkmark on MHD but how do I...
  11. keninger

    Ad: Log Dyno - Measure Horsepower & Torque from your Datalog

    Hello Everyone, I would like to show you what I have been working on the past couple of months. It is called Log Dyno for Android and iOS. Log Dyno can measure Horsepower and Torque from your data logs. The first question which comes to mind with an app like this is how accurate is it? You have...
  12. 1

    zf6hp19 to zf8hp45 swap

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I drive a single turbo (6266) e92 335xi fitted with the infamously sluggish zf6hp19 6-speed auto that can't hold power, and it's slipping with only 18psi. Instead of doing a rebuild or swapping to a manual (it's my daily and I live in busy NYC) I thought of doing...
  13. DaddyBoost


    This user has been asked to not distribute any software on this forum until further notice. Many claims have been made and it will take time to fully investigate. FREE CUSTOM MAPS Includes: IJE0S Stock Turbo, Hybrid Turbo, ST, and ST with BB(Boost Setpoint x RPM) I8A0S: Stock Turbo, Hybrid...
  14. R

    Timing corrections issue

    Hey guys, I have been getting bad timing corrections for months and can’t seem to find the problem. Car is N55 FBO, PS2, PI, Stage 2 lpfp, PR coils, E60 fuel, Auto with xhp s3. I’ve replaced injectors, upgraded to PR coils, and swapped plugs multiple times. Any help would be appreciated...
  15. V

    Technical Ignition advance on E85

    How much should I run? Gonna take a stab at tuning the car myself. Most logs I've reviewed from others with my setup (Doc Race / gen2 precision 6266 on full E85) have timing around 10* up top, but that's on a stock motor. I have a built bottom end and JE pistons with beefy ringlands and rings...
  16. chrisdfv

    Single Turbo Boostbox Tuning

    I've been deep into this topic recently and discovered that there's not much information out there so I wanted to create a place where people that self tune can have a discussion on the topic. I'm using a boostbox V3 to tune my car, and have only began tuning at the moment. I enjoy the...
  17. AK135i

    EMP pump gas flash issues

    Good morning SpoolStreet members. Granted beating a dead horse isn't the best way to approach this, but i've been very busy these past few weeks since the EMP tune fiasco, and would like to share my story and how it was righted, but no thanks to EMP I have been running an emp bef on my ST n54...
  18. V8bait

    EMP TUNING, moving the discussion out of the shadows

    Hey everybody, it’s time to address an issue that has come up in recent months related to the practices of AJ at EMP tuning. There has been a lot of online drama related to things being said “behind the scenes”, so this post will attempt to elucidate the concerns publicly, so they can be...
  19. Cheezy

    MHD V8.0 Beta

    So as many of you who are still on the mhd ots maps may have seen the release of new beta maps from mhd dropped today. So when you update and look at the maps screen, you will find ethanol mixes for every stage. I am currently running v7.1 e60 in my car, however i dont have dps installed yet...
  20. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks Pro K+DCAN cable

    PRO BMW CABLES from BimmerGeeks.Net! BimmerGeeks solely guarantees your cable works the first time, and every time. Whether your looking to use the basics of Inpa, Ncs, Ista or other popular softwares or whether your looking to flash those modules that they say you cant flash with a Kdcan...