1. namsu2430

    MHD v9.0 beta

    With V9.0 being pushed to the general public now it might be worth while having some feedback , especially with those who had issues (overboost etc ) on v8.1 (now removed from the app) Car info e.g FBO Map flashed (options ticked if relevent) Altitude Feedback inc what you are comparing...
  2. matreyia

    Time to Replace Turbos - 2009 e93

    This morning, I was minding my own business and driving along when a Mustang 5.0 came by and asked to do a little racing, so I obliged and left him behind. Unfortunately, I looked down and realized temps were not yet 160F operating range. Felt a little slowdown/hesitation while WOT and RPMs...
  3. matreyia

    Technical Front End Noise and Reason Why Found - Belt and Pulleys

    I added the Improved Racing 185 F thermostat to replace the stock N54 thermostat and some oil must have dripped on the belts and pulleys or something. After re-assembly, there was a clicky swoosh swoosh noise in the front end. Visual inspection showed nothing abnormal. But I ordered new idler...
  4. Snelson3003

    Ad: NRW N54 FULL CARBON Engine Cover Pre-Sale Launch

    Hey Guys, Its been a long time since I've been engaged on this forum as I am usually busy with the general social media outlets. To be frank, if you reached me on any social media outlet I am working to catch up as I've been busy with making the items etc. So bear with me :) However I was...
  5. spoolzone

    Buying/DIAGNOSING a 2008 335i | dealer - "it has a fuel injector problem"

    First time taking codes from the 08 335i I just picked up ‍♂ Was told it had bad fuel injectors. Barely could touch the throttle at first and didn't wanna idle smooth at all until it warmed up. Ended up changing bank 1 plugs, coils, and injectors..Definitely made a huge difference. Links below...
  6. spoolzone

    My N54 FBO garage build (built motor at 113k)

    I have been slacking getting around to posting on this forum, so let me give a quick synopsis of my N54 experience thus far. Almost a year and a half ago I finally found the e92 335i I had been relentlessly searching for. It was in Ga (I live in Fl), but that didn't matter to me. 6spd MT black...
  7. DirtKurt

    Another 6at to dct conversion

    What's up everyone, I'm currently collecting parts to convert my 2009 335i 6AT to DCT. I've been re searching for awhile and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on most of what's involved. Currently have on hand a 335is dct transmission out of a 2011 w/44k miles, the entire shifter assembly ...
  8. Fishayyy

    Custom Steering Rack and Pinion

    So I've been looking into a lot of different suspension upgrades lately and one of the things that caught my eye was the idea of doing a custom manual steering rack. Has anyone tried going this route or at least deleting the power steering? I know some people have gone the route of using an M3...
  9. N


    Selling a brand new ps2. STILL IN THE BAG NEVER OPENED! YOU KEEP YOUR CORE! Includes: Pure Stage 2 Turbo Hi flow inlet stage 2 Installation Kit Will ship on buyers expense $2800 OBO
  10. G

    FS N54!

  11. matreyia

    Propulsive Dynamics and xHP question for ANYONE.

    So, it's been almost a year since I got the PD unit and installed xHP...over all the PD unit shifts smooth on the PD stock flash but does jerk/lurch and hesitate when using Stage 3 xHP. Clemens said it was due to power levels but mine was the first with any issue with PD and xHP. I been trying...
  12. E

    FS SOLD F3X, F22, F87, M235i, M2 Active Autowerke Front Mount Intercooler Black

    Hi everyone, I'm new on here but have been on bimmerpost since 2010. Intercooler is in great shape please PM me with any questions. Price: $400 shipped to the 48 states...
  13. Jon1998

    N54 First post, fairly new to SpoolStreet

    Whats up guys, first time posting here. I have been on spool street for a short while, have never posted but I read up on n54 posts and n54 build posts to learn about the platform. I have a 2008 E90 335i, its the first car i've bought on my own. (thanks to my e46 323i lol and a small family...
  14. Ztuck45

    Precision Raceworks coil failure?

    I’m looking for some insight. I recently developed a cylinder 6 and 5 misfire. Cylinder 6 was intermittent under load and cylinder 5 started misfiring intermittently as well but eventually became a constant misfire (Even at idle). I just started running full e85 after installing a double shotgun...
  15. Joe

    FS Get these "Part out" of my garage

    Fuel-IT Stage 3 - Bucket/Pump assembly. No supporting hardware Upgraded to Stage 4. $300 + shipping SOLD PI injectors, $20/ea + shipping. Bought a bunch of used injectors as spares before I upgraded to new 750cc. DP fix (2 available). Both used, both for sale as I no longer require...
  16. matreyia

    Rear Axle Installer Tool - Found Finally.

    Anyone who needs to install the rear axles to the hub - I finally found the tool that fits the 335i e9x series rear axles that have 27x1.5 thread. You will need this tool to safely pull the axles back completely into the splines on the inside of the hub. BMW, Baum sells for hundreds of dollars...
  17. M

    Shorted CanBus/PWR Wire for CIC CID & Now Lost all Interior Power & INPA Comm.

    I wasnt going to start a new thread but im having an issue, that i just can NOT figure out... I have no power to my interior (E92). No gauges, Gauges, Guage Cluster screen, and there's a constant "relay clicking" noise coming from the JBE area every 5 seconds or so. And currently this will...
  18. Pablo.zhp

    N54 335i 2007 NO BOOST

    Hey guys, new here. Have a 335i 2007 E92 and there's no boost at all. Vacuum lines are already checked, selenoids are working, diverter valves are working as well, we've changed wastegate actuators and flaps, but there's still no boost. What else can we look into? Best regards
  19. matreyia

    BimmerGeeks Cable and Navigation Update Package Review

    ----------BimmerGeeks Cable Review ------- If you are doing any flashing or computer related stuff to your car via the obd port, then do yourself a favor and get a BimmerGeeks cable. I was using an older Amazon bought cable that did the job most of the time - very slow speeds and unstable. I...
  20. hassan_hamdan

    Raspy Sound on Start up?

    Hey guys, so i wasnt to sure if this was normal or not, but everytime i start up my n54 135i (Bone stock atm), i get this lound raspy rattle in my exhaust. Only lasts for about a minuite or two until engine warms up, then its completely gone. To add more confusion to this all, if during the...