GIVEAWAY! VTT Xmas Giveaway!

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ

Happy Holidays everyone! It's time for the next VTT giveaway and this one is a solid one that I think everyone will like.
The Prizes:
First place is a set of our GC's. Fully cast high flowing manifold for low back pressure, quick spool, low lag, and we've made 770+ whp with them. What's not to like? There is nothing in their class on the market.
VTT xmas 02.JPG VTT xmas 03.JPG VTT xmas 04.JPG
Second place is an inlet/charge pipe bundle. Let your turbos breath easy and save yourself a few hundred bucks while you're at it.
Third place is $100 in store credit. Get a discount on a turbo system, help out with inlets, buy a bunch of T-shirts... knock yourself out, it's $100!
The Details:
Enter by posting here; enter only once. We're pushing this across multiple forums; enter only once on ONE forum or we reserve to throw your name out if we draw it. Yes, we'll find out, no it's not worth trying to cheat the system. Same goes for multiple accounts, you guys know the drill. Guys who just registered as new users on the forum are ineligible. Guys who simultaneously wear both a belt and suspenders are ineligible. (this means we reserve the right to d-q anyone for whatever reason we deem... well, reasonable). Winners have to post a product review on all the forums they're active on. Previous winners are ineligible (Sered!!!! you won enough!). We'll do the drawing for the winners on Monday, December 26 and post the results sometime during that day.
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Nov 3, 2016
Good idea to get some positive PR flowing in. I'm in for the turbo set as I already have everything else. If I am chosen for the others I would prefer if you pulled again as I don't think it would be fair and I would just sell them anyway.
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