Throttle not opening past 80% and underboost after relocated inlets install


Oct 7, 2019
Toronto, Canada
2010 E82 135i
I just installed PR relocated inlets on my N54 135i. I started looking at my MHD gauges and noticing I wasn't reaching boost target. (only hitting ~14psi instead of requested 19). I did some research and saw that relocated inlets might cause this issue on MHD OTS Stg2+. I downloaded RFP Stage 3 which is supposed to be for high flow inlets. Same issue. I also noticed that throttle doesn't open past 80% and this could be causing the underboost. No limp mode but I am getting 30FF. I also made sure that all boost-side couplers were tight. Are my turbos just on the way out? It's just weird that this wasn't happening before the new inlets.