Rare N54 failure 335i


Jan 18, 2018
Auckland, New Zealand
335i DCT
Where to begin, my 335i had done 90,000km and seized on me.

I had the usual bolt ons:
Panel filter
Custom tune
TCU update

Throughout the day drive around I could here this knocking noise I didn’t have a clue what it was...
Later in the day the car just failed on me.
Transpired that I had scorched lower end bearings.
Originally certain ppl at my Indy tried to say it was timing, however after speaking to the master tech it was leaking fuel injectors, which ruined the oil and made the conrod bearings break and scorch.
The crank was fairly grounded so I had mechanical warranty and got a reconditioned engine.
Plan is to build his damaged one up!
Just thought I would let you guys know, what could happen so preventative maintenance is a must.

This is why I have changed my injectors, plugs and ignition coils.
Next is a DCT service!