dct n54 fail seize leaking injector

  1. vonbimmer

    Looking for Reputable Crate N-54

    Hello there, My current engine is an N-54 with about 175k miles on it. I am FBO, with all maintenance up to date with the exception on injectors, and apparently the DMTL pump (which just started throwing codes). Unfortunately, I did not get them all replaced before the prices went to the moon...
  2. Benji335i

    Rare N54 failure 335i

    Where to begin, my 335i had done 90,000km and seized on me. I had the usual bolt ons: DP CP Panel filter Custom tune TCU update Throughout the day drive around I could here this knocking noise I didn’t have a clue what it was... Later in the day the car just failed on me. Transpired that I had...