PSP 750ic intercooler review


Feb 25, 2019
2009 335i xDrive
I realize this is not a new product for most, but i'm new around here and wanted to make sure this stout piece from Pinnacle got a few words from me.

I purchased this off the website on a Sunday and before i hammered the buy it now button I had a few quick questions, i shot an email expecting a reply the next day(monday) or later, I know these small companies have few or one person running them and usually is a second gig for most. To my surprise, I heard back within 20 minutes on a sunday afternoon. He answered all of my questions and confirmed with me he would ship it out right away monday.

This made me feel more comfortable with the purchase and people behind it, I checked out and waited as patiently as I could.

When it was received I couldn't believe the quality for the money. Realistically, with how cheap these sell for, especially on sale, I can't understand how some of the brands get bought over this. Market saturation is what it is, but this piece is pure quality and it only got better when we got to fitting it to the car. After trimming the shroud, it simply bolts up, lines up and all hoses, couplers and piping simply slides into place with no fuss. My chargepipe unfortunately had too small of a t bolt clamp to fit over the new cold side pipe and we had to make do with a random worm gear we had laying around. Only qualm with the whole install is that including one extra guaranteed right size t bolt clamp for the upper chargepipe connection would pretty much prevent any issue with an otherwise spotless install.

The performance. Same day I installed this, I flashed my first mhd tune as well as xhp trans tune. So I can't give back to back results intercooler only. What I can give is the fact that I get basically no heat soak, compared to stock.

Stock log, only mod DCI, 18 degree rise on a 34 degree day(54 degree starting charge temp in 3rd), 72 degrees top of third with a peak of 7psi boost.

Same car, different day, about 66 degrees out, starting iat at 72 degrees in 3rd gear, top of 3rd was 73 degrees thats with mhd stage 2+ feeding in a peak of 18psi of boost. So I had the same iat, on a 30 degree ambient warmer day. Thats a win to me, plus the fitment and the quality.

And it seems to just do that all the time, I have seen no more than 5 degrees total gain in intake temperature through multiple gears from a dead stop. So it works as it should. Usually it sheds off temperature before starting to rise back up to lower than it started. I didn't load those logs to datazap but I can later.

I know this is probably well known about the quality of their products, but I felt compelled given the service and fitment/functionality of the part to make it known that I am completely satisfied with this purchase. Very hard to beat for $499 shipped on sale;


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