Project Gamma G80, G82 New Product Alert!!!!!


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Jan 6, 2022
Project Gamma is doing it again! We are bringing some cutting-edge products to the BMW market that are both ascetically pleasing and functional. We are widely known for our intakes and front mount filters behind the grill. Did you know there is so much more to us than just intakes? We are starting to work into the aesthetics of aftermarket grills and carbon bits. Our design team has been hard at work with the G80 platform producing some new products.
Currently, we have 3 new products for the BMW G80 platform.
First off once again Project Gamma is the first to create the carbon fiber front mount filter kit for the platform. We are widely known for this but with the large grille design the filters peep out from behind are extremely menacing and changes the front-facing look. Secondly, as always the added noises from the turbo are mind-blowing and make you feel like you just bought a new car. With a TRUE cold air intake, you are able to increase the performance with some more ponies under the hood. The intake system will come in multiple carbon variants such as matte and gloss as well as several silicone colors for you to choose and customize your car with.
Secondly, we are doing the final test fitting of our G80 Front carbon grille that will have 3 finishes. Gloss carbon fiber, matte carbon fiber, and forged carbon. This is the best complement to the car as a whole but our intakes specifically. We have created a design that is more open than the OEM kidney grille. The openness of the structure allows for a more visually appealing look with the filters sitting behind it for everyone to see. In our humble opinion, the overall look even without out intake and filters better suits the front end than the OEM version. Let us know how you feel about the OEM version compared to our new carbon version below!
Lastly in our G80 line, we have our carbon engine braces that will come in a variety of colors, matte, and gloss. For those of us that like to pop our hood at events, with friends and other car enthusiasts, it's a great addition to the already carbon-filled car. As always we designed this product in mind with the aesthetic idea of having multiple Project Gamma accessories. The individual will be able to choose from a variety of colors that best suits their personality as well as their car. The braces add the last portion of carbon touches you would need to tie up an already amazing-looking vehicle.
In conclusion, Project Gamma has some amazing new products coming to the market that you need to look out for if you are a G80 owner. The more menacing appeal, as well as the noises and power gains, are a no-brainer. You can follow the process and buy our products on our Instagram @Project_gamma or on our website at Feel free to reach out and as us questions here.

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