carbon fiber

  1. R

    Dry Carbon Fiber Spoiler for BMW M3/M4 G80/G82 V Style

  2. ProjectGamma

    Project Gamma G80, G82 New Product Alert!!!!!

    Project Gamma is doing it again! We are bringing some cutting-edge products to the BMW market that are both ascetically pleasing and functional. We are widely known for our intakes and front mount filters behind the grill. Did you know there is so much more to us than just intakes? We are...
  3. Modifyit

    Ad: Carbon Fiber BMW Parts. Interior, Exterior and Accessories

    Hello ladies and gents, I'll start off by introducing myself and my company to you all first and foremost. My name is Eric, I've created a brand and company called "Modify it" that caters to all of our BMW enthusiasts! I've noticed the void in our community for quality carbon parts and great...
  4. Snelson3003

    NRW Carbon Infusion Services In Full Swing

    Hey Guys, Its been awhile since Ive been on this board, not due to anything outside of my recent engagement and the mentality that if im on here posting - then im not exactly making things for customers... Which usually is not ideal. But I did want to take a moment to showcase some customer...
  5. NoQuarter

    E89 Custom Z4 Interior

    I think overall it is too much but the quality of the work here is awesome. More pictures in the link. I keep thinking I want some alcantara in my interior somewhere/somehow. And i always love the contrasting stitching but never seem to manage to end up with it...
  6. V

    Upgraded driveshaft?

    Just curious if anyone makes them currently. Google gave me an e90post page from 2013, and ECS tuning listings for YCW carbon fiber driveshaft which shows "back ordered". DSS doesn't have anything for non-M except axles.
  7. Snelson3003

    Nelson Racing Wheel - Development Thread (Ongoing)

    Hey Guys, It has been BUSY here at NRW to say the least. We have added 2 new team members (Stormy & Richard) to assist me in our quest to offer supremely high quality items that meet our standards of production for the reasonable costs that the community knows and loves. While some of you...
  8. X

    Trim Vinyl Wrapping - Carbon Fiber

    Hey guys. I am doing this write up after the install. I was getting tired of the wooden trim look on my 335. I saw some other forums where people decided to vinyl wrap their trim. This was my first time vinyl wrapping and thought I could make it turn out nice if I took my time. I decided to go...