intake manifold

  1. N

    Technical Intake manifold exploded-BACKFIRE- Reflex+,PI,E85

    So. I will tell you interesting horror story what happened to my n54 in autumn 2023. It all started like this I have 98 ron /flexfuel tune from reputable and well known tuner. Albeit he said that the flexfuel tune is finished at v3 i asked to check if everything is ok and somehow he send me...
  2. T

    VTT Manifold

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else has the VTT forward facing manifold? I attempted to install mines but was faced with hood clearance issues. The hood seems to rest on top of the TB/charge pipe area not allowing me to close my hood. There's roughly about a 3" gap between the hood and the...
  3. ProjectGamma

    Project Gamma G80, G82 New Product Alert!!!!!

    Project Gamma is doing it again! We are bringing some cutting-edge products to the BMW market that are both ascetically pleasing and functional. We are widely known for our intakes and front mount filters behind the grill. Did you know there is so much more to us than just intakes? We are...
  4. carabuser

    Wheel speed sensor and outside ambient temperature issues (Help!)

    Took my car to a shop today for walnut blasting and OFHG replacement. The shop is an hour away and about 5 minutes from home on my return journey I had the ABS light and a couple of other related lights pop up, then disappear. Then about a minute later it did the same and cleared itself again...
  5. gmagnus7

    Technical N54 S55 ITB intake manifold by hyper-racing

    Yet another intake manifold option! Someone finally made an ITB setup for the N54 and S55 with 52mm throttle bodies. It would involve custom fab intercooler piping and would eliminate the stock throttle body (I'm assuming). Made out of aluminium and nylon and comes at a price of 4299$ (AUD?). On...
  6. mb21111

    FS N54 Parts For Sale

    Spring Cleaning parts for sale. Please let me know what you would like. Located in Boston, Massachusetts. All parts except for the steering wheel trim were pulled from a 2008 BMW 535XI with 70,000 miles. 1: E92 steering wheel trim $10 2: Alternator cable $15 3: Transmission oil line $30 4: N54...
  7. screaminfast

    SOLD BN Sharps Intake Mani w/ LS7 injectors

    Selling a brand new Sharps intake manifold with a set of cleaned and flow tested LS7 injectors. Asking $900 OBO shipped CONUS.
  8. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning BMW N54/N55 Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer

    The 1/4" spacer offers superior thermal insulation between the cylinder head and the intake plenum. This can be useful when plumbing custom intercooler piping or rotating the intake manifold. This is a Must have for anyone running an Aluminum Aftermarket intake manifold. Which Heats up the...