Project: E36 Compact with M57N & DCT


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Mar 30, 2022
Hello Guys, I just read this post and I love the idea. I've a project idea nearly like this and have some questions.
I want to put the M57 184hp from the E46 with the 6 speed manual transmisson from the E46 M57 204hp in an E36 diesel.
So my questions are:

Fit the engine like plug and play? fit the headers and turbo?
Fit the transmission? because the 204hp version is redesigned and has a 6 speed transmission and the 184hp version has a 5 speed transmission.
How does it is with the electric? E36 is like simple technic and has the E46 canbus?

I'm thankful for some help and it's important for me to build this project legal because I live in germany and excuse me for my bad english :D