GIVEAWAY! Precision Raceworks Stage 2+ LPFP Giveaway!


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Oct 19, 2016

: You must carefully read and follow the instructions a couple paragraphs down to be entered!


This month we are featuring Precision Raceworks as they and have agreed to GIVEAWAY an assembled E9x E8X Stage 2+ LPFP for our monthly raffle!

If the winner of the raffle prefers a Stage 3 setup, you may upgrade for a discounted price by contacting the raffle admin at the conclusion of the contest.

If the winner already has a Precision Raceworks Stage 2+ kit, due to the modular design the winner can request to receive a Precision Raceworks Stage 3 add-on module instead. Here is a description of the upgrade:

Our Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) system is designed to upgrade your existing factory LPFP assembly to make it 100% E85 capable while also increasing volume. Our kits all comes with new Genuine Walbro 450 pump and full warranty as we are Authorized Walbro Retailer.

As a stage 2+ using only a single Walbro 450 this pump puts out double the flow volume of the stock unit and is modular to meet your design needs and grow with your future expansion needs of stage 3 and stage 4 something not offered by any other supplier on the market.

The Stage 2+ kit comes with the following items:
  • One new E85 certified Walbro 450 pump
  • A genuine Walbro filter
  • Stainless steel brackets to properly support the Stage 2+ pump
  • Zip Ties for securing fuel return lines and pumps to support
  • All necessary hardware and seals

Visit the link below for more details:

For those who already own Precision Raceworks products we don’t need to tell you the impeccable quality and well thought out design incorporated into each of their products. For the rest of you we here at SpoolStreet are very happy to provide this generous opportunity from Precision Raceworks to own one of their products and see for yourself, FREE!

Precision Raceworks offers a suite of other performance parts, visit their site for details:

To win, you must do ALL THREE(3) things:

  1. Like the Precision Raceworks Facebook page - click here:
  2. Comment in the N5X Enthusiasts giveaway post (View Pinned Post), click here:
  3. Participate in the raffle (Find it on our home page). You may enter as many times as you want! Each raffle ticket is 25 credits, you earn them by posting replies(5+), making threads(10+), referrals(25), etc. If you look at the top of the page and see you don't have enough credits or you run out, the above actions will generate more. To enter the raffle click here and register:
The drawing will automatically occur on the last day of the raffle month. Our system detects fake/duplicate accounts and offenders will be automatically disqualified.


  1. Each winner will be vetted and required to answer a few questions to ensure integrity of the contest rules.
  2. staff will verify the final winner is a member of N5X Enthusiasts and that the entrant meets the criteria listed here, if not a new winner will be chosen until the criteria is met. The winning entrant must respond and agree to the terms within 72 hours of the contest ending.
  3. Any charges, if any, related to shipping and handling are at winner's expense. The winner may not otherwise resell the prize within 6 months and must prove they have installed it on their own vehicle.
  4. This contest excludes staff, ownership and vendor entities.
  5. An honest and detailed review with any applicable videos, photos of product and installation, logs and any other useful metrics which may be obtained, must be posted on this forum exclusively within 4 weeks of delivery of the contest prize. A detailed review with analytical references and media is expected. If you cannot ensure this, please transfer the winning rights to another eligible member who can.
  6. Terms are subject to change at any time. If contest staff determine there has been abuse of these rules, this agreement may be revoked and the prize may be requested to be returned or reimbursed. We reserve the right to disqualify an entrant for any reason.
  7. Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of production, manufacture and logistics, delivery dates may be changed without prior notice.


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May 31, 2017
335i dct e92 (euro spec)
I would really like this! The missing part in my car for more E is the Lpfp. so i could really use this!


Mar 30, 2017
It's a totally awesome product but as usual they'll give it to an N54 car.