Occasional smokes at low speeds / turbo seals or?......


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Mar 14, 2017
135i (n54)
Hey guys not too long ago I noticed my car would blow smoke for a brief maybe few seconds. The smoke I am not positive but I want to say that I actually noticed it when I went full catless + muffler delete. It only happens when I drive through a parking lot at low speed I would say no more then 10-20mph it would start to blow smoke. I've tried searching for answers but everyone had some sort of different symptom they were experiencing such as constant smoke when they start the car or driving the car and it smoking but this isn't one of those issues.
FYI I still have the resonator on the car but yes this issue happens every now and then. Any answers would be great.



Nov 6, 2016
New Market, AL
335i e92 6MT
Here are a few things it could be in order of least complex to most complex to fix...

1) PCV issues (cracked VC, failed VC gasket, etc.)
2) Plugged/kinked turbo oil return line(s)
3) Failed turbo seals
4) Failed valve stem seals and/or worn valve guides
5) Bent rod(s)

I had all of these issues at some point in time that resulted in very light smoke on decel/no oil consumption to heavy smoke on decel and accel/1qt per 800 miles oil consumption.
Diagnosing these is not very straight forward either. Good luck.