Nelson Racing Wheel - Development Thread (Ongoing)


Nov 7, 2016
2010 BMW 135i
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Hey Guys,

It has been BUSY here at NRW to say the least. We have added 2 new team members (Stormy & Richard) to assist me in our quest to offer supremely high quality items that meet our standards of production for the reasonable costs that the community knows and loves.

While some of you follow me on Facebook and see the item I/We create, I always enjoy posting to SpoolStreet since the audience here is very receptive.​

New Developement Items as of 10/05/17
- Turbo Snouts
- Paddle Shifter Kits for BMW Sport Steptronic Equipped steering wheels
- Carbon Fiber Vacuum Infusion Processes
- True Fiber Based Roundels
- Interior "Bespoke" Service being finalized
- Offering 3 total fibers for steering wheels
- New Vendor partnerships
- New Alcantara Supplier

Turbo Snouts
A well known and local company (Jon Vigil @ V.I. Engineered) had approached NRW about 4 months ago to assist them in the rapid prototyping of their newest N54 ST Kit. Their issue was rather simple, with the crafting of their AMAZING kit they ran into an issue that many run into; with the proper clearances for the DP and the correct collectors and angles for the manifold they essentially ran out of space at the turbo inlet. Not many options on the market that can fit in that tight of a space (roughly 3") and Jon like myself really dislikes using silicone in such an area since overtime they tend to stretch or degrade. VIE is using a Garret 3884 GTW DBB Turbo and we saw that they in fact had about less than 3" of clearance from the passenger head light. Nothing on the market would fit basically. Do'h!

After months of development and several dozen dyno sessions NRW had to heavily modify Jons initial idea to what it is today - his concept was simple: Use a HKS SuperFlow Filter inside a port matched filter snout housing to flow enough, filter fine particulates, and be the smallest known "Filtered Snout" available. There has been 4+ Engineers involved in this process from Aerospace to Mechanical with several trips to the local Flow Meter (thanks CU Denver). What we found was a mixed bag of results.

First the issue was the filter was far to close to the compressor wheel. It needed some volume in the inlet to allow for air to become less volatile before it met the compressor wheel for induction. We solved this by adding a ASME Certified Velocity Stack to smooth out and direct airflow as well as some fins to continue to control the airflow into the compressor inlet. We also moved the filter as far away allowing for more volume before compressor wheel. This worked perfectly.

Second was the filter type. The HKS SuperFlow Filter is a triple part foam filter. It is essentially a 60PPI mated to a 40PPI then again stuck to a 20PPI filter system. Measured 35mm tall too which took up the precious space needed in the engine and inlet. These are very good filters and have shown to flow substantially over filament based filters (lets not argue this topic plz) but the negative side is the life span. Foam filters don't have long lives overall and do need replacing every 10-15k miles. Long term the HKS filters are pricey (if original and not replica off ebay). Not only that but the filter at about 15psi of boost would pancake and lose all of its breath-ability. Basically take a household sponge and flatten/compress it with your hand - same concept. No pores to breath when the substrate is chocking on itself.

So to solve for that issue we worked with another vendor in CA to make a foam style filter that was more Polyurethane Synthetic to ensure it would be thin (10mm thick) filter dust and debris, while also at that thin-ness not be so flimsy it would get sucked through the filter gate. With that came a foam style filter that flows, filters, and also is durable enough to last some time. And if needing replacement would also be cheap to replace ($10).

Lastly was the engine heat. Since NRW can be so variable due to our Carbon Fiber Nylon Composites process we found that on a 100*+ day at high boost that the turbo snouts started to warp slightly. Nothing major or possibly damaging but we took inlet temps from 150*-197* peak after weeks of trying to hit the "high score" on this. As you would guess composites tend to break down since they are a formed with heat to begin with. Our process hits about 550* to fully forge the materials together so hitting half of that caused some minor deflection. Solving for this was to allow for heat to transfer from the inlet into the snout and thus into the engine bay away from the snout itself while reinforcing the walls of the snout to not deflect if temps soared above the 197* marker. This one took some time to really nail down as we had to reinforce the base with a new material of HTR (High Temp Rigid) Fiberglass and create small voids in the walls without sacrificing the rigidity. So essentially the snouts have a Carbon Nylon Composition, HTR Fiberglass inlays, over QTY 200 2mm voids in the walls that are Isotropic to inner and outer walls to create less insulation of heat and now a very close to done Turbo Snout.

These will work on all PTE, Garret, or anything that has a 4" or smaller turbo inlet. We can even make them for smaller turbo's too easily.

As we have made progress here are some pictures. (note that these are simple pics to prevent too much info being leaked prior to launch)

Early model

Hex fiber prototype (early model)

Near final model (Filter Style shown)

Near final model (Race Style shown - No filter)

No filter style, twice as dense mesh as a Turbo Gaurd MAXX

HTR fiberglass inlay

VI Engineered shop visit


Paddle Shifter Kits for Steptronic BMW 6AT (Pre-LCI)

So this one has been literally the toughest design work for us. Since we strive for a reasonable alternative for customers to eliminate the "Thumb Paddles" while not having to buy an expensive replacement harness or a whole new steering wheel. This idea was simple, lets break down the paddles and replicate the internal workings to allow for a totally new paddle. Nothing crazy here, just buy the kits, follow instructions, and 30-40 mins of SIMPLE work; have paddles that actually function and look fantastic.

I reached out to Delphi myself and spoke to an engineer named Richard, he transferred me a dozen times and I clocked about 4hrs on the phone with Delphi UK. Eventually i spoke with a young lady who basically told me "This part is not possible to disassemble, you have no options". Well, that sank my idea... right?

2 days later we had them fully broken down with zero broken parts. It wasn't that hard but took some precise stabbing and maneuvering. After breaking down about 20 sets of these I found a simple process that will be included with our kits. Also the rewiring of the harness for a Pull - / Pull + system that is also SUPER SIMPLE. - this will be included too with NRW Paddle Kits. IF you decide to keep the Push/Pull system you can do that too.

Now that we have finished the design/fitment/styles we like we are working on the finished part. The goal is to offer them naked (matte black), Hydrodipped colors (Ison Automotive in Denver), or a fully fiber based paddle once we get our Resin Infusion process started. If you are familiar with Resin Infusion you would know its not a simple task but yields the best carbon fiber parts. We will offer them in 2x2 Twill, Hex Fiber, or Unilateral Fiber too.

There will be 3 styles at launch: LCI Shorty, Blade, and Hexwing styles. All can be Hydrodipped or done with fiber too. The Hexwing will be only available naked however. Also i am working to use leather or Alcantara to wrap the paddles too. If you want that soft touch feel when you shift this is the way to go!

Pics of early test models and early fiber models.



Stormy arguing paddle distances

Hex fiber in process (needs polishing)

Testing the Hydro-graphic and clear coating

Test fitting the adapter into the OEM harness. - Perfect

LCI Style Paddle

True Fiber Based Roundels
A local 335i F30 came to me asking for me to create a real fiber based roundel that didn't fade in the sun. Apparently he had 3-4 sets fade within 6 months from various retailers. This for me was just a simple fun thing that ended up getting quiet a few shares on social media so i thought "why not"!

These from the ground up are 100% made with Carbon Fiber. Its first a done with our Carbon Nylon down to OEM spec, then vacuum infused with Twill/Hex/Uni fiber and given several coats of UV gloss layers. Not only that but we got a great deal on a vinyl plotter so we can even customize them with special logos, initials, or whatever you want for a fee. We have them ready to go for the F30 cars but are working on the E Series as of this week. They are really a beautiful item and add small detail that really pops!

Pics of the development car and various process.

Naked carbon composite roundel rear



Custom Roundel, vinyl is placed ontop of the fiber fabric, fused, gassed, then coated and finished. It is not a sticker ontop; its under the clear layers. Can put just about anything in any color - Hex Twill or Uni Fibers

Interior "Bespoke" Service being finalized (more coming Soon!)
Think of it as you send us your interior parts, and we make custom stuff for you. While this is being finished this week on 3 development cars and my personal 135i you will see interior work that you've never seen before using fiber/materials. More to come! This is done using a method that is like vacuum bagging and resin infusion with a twist. It allows for complex parts to be made that have a crystal gloss and UV protection. However it is very labor intensive.

Teaser pics of interior work:
S.p.A. Alcantara from Italy 135i Trim

Dash to a Dodge (my girlfriend asked NRW to do this LOL)

Unidirectional and Hex Trim for a 135i

My personal Hex Fiber and SPA Alcantara hybrid trim.

Hex fiber based "window speaker" cover being done.

Authentic SPA Alcantara versus "online Alcantara" - its crap.

Alcantara Etching testing...

Test Hex Alcantara on our modified plotter

And a test resin infused side mirror housing. Sexy!

Offering 3 total fibers for steering wheels (more coming soon)
Yep thats right! NRW is offering its usual Twill Fiber but added Unilateral and Hexagonal fibers to the mix! Here is a pic of the first ever Hex Fiber Infiniti G37 Wheel we did when we launched that wheel for that platform. With lots of competition NRW is finding that we must continue to innovate our offerings to differentiate ourselves. Some are fooled by similar products but soon it wont be possible... NRW has a new Etched Alcantara options from a specialized router we have and 3 fiber types we can make for your wheel. No more of this "i saw it online already" nonsense. If you see this type of stuff, its 100% our creation.

3k Hex - 2k Uni - 3k Twill 2x2

New Vendor Partnerships (you will find this one out sooner than later!)
Wont say anything about this just keeping the space open for announcements when everybody is ready.

More will be coming but i have to get back to work! :)


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Nov 3, 2016
2008 ST 335i
WHERE'S THE DAMN COWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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Nov 7, 2016
2010 BMW 135i
The slim cowl will start being developed as soon as we launch the snouts, Bespoke services, and the paddle shifters!

As it stands we never sleep so adding another project would only delay several others :)


May 4, 2017
Plano TX
I love innovation. But might want to find a different filter element than foam. Foam filter elements and turbos don't mix well.

And are you guys still making mirror caps? Cause I might wants me some mirror caps :)


Dec 28, 2016
Tally, FL
I'm drooling over here....

My credit card just whimpered and tried to crawl into hiding, but don't care, I'm gonna need some of this stuff!


Nov 7, 2016
2010 BMW 135i
Make an n54 carbon engine cover
That is actually an action item once we get our last part to the mold making enigma. That is a complex part which is why most vendors do not even try.

Even ER stopped their creation of the N54 cover due to its inconvenient process. However, we have 2 engine covers sent to us from a shop and we are going to prototype it in hex and twill ideally next month.


Nov 3, 2016
Aston pa
That is actually an action item once we get our last part to the mold making enigma. That is a complex part which is why most vendors do not even try.

Even ER stopped their creation of the N54 cover due to its inconvenient process. However, we have 2 engine covers sent to us from a shop and we are going to prototype it in hex and twill ideally next month.
Ill buy the first to buy one!


Nov 7, 2016
2010 BMW 135i
Hey Guys!

Here are some near final images of the NRW Paddle Kits that as we all know will completely remove the OEM "Thumb Paddles" and we will now include a BimmerLife DIY on how to make the system a Pull/Pull setup by moving some very simple harness cables around - its totally reversible too with zero cutting needed :)

But onto the good stuff. After roughly 19 variants of design and 6 months of back and forth between my team and I, we finally have something I would put into circulation for NRW. Its a simple thing we have done here but the complex geometric guts of the paddles and even worse tolerances for support points AND the incredibly limited space we have to work with was very difficult.

BUT! We now have something that is 95% perfect with one adjustment to the striking lever being made today and tested again this week on our test car(s). Here are some pics and feedback!

Also the options are as follows:
- 3 style at launch (blade, shorty, wing styles)

- 1 style (blade) will be offered with Twill or Hex Fiber (real fiber no vinyl at NRW ever) This style will also allow for options in Alcantara, Leather, or Perf Leather too. Or you can do a Twill front and an Alcantara back (like our wheels offer) to make it a perfectly matched paddle to your interior. We even have matching colors available for your interiors.

- Prices will start at $89.99 for the naked or base models and added costs for Alcantara or Twill Fiber options.
This price will include a set of paddles (pick your style) and also include the needed internals to make this a 15 minute DIY process. Plus the DIY by BimmerLife to illustrate the Pull/Pull wire up that is super simple. Talk about crazy good deals!

- And for a fee we can design a ground up paddle kit for your company. We are working with a very prominent transmission tuner now to build them a custom paddle that is branded. I wont say names but... LOL.

20171010_221807~2.jpg 20171010_221926~2.jpg 20171010_225158~2.jpg
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Oct 17, 2017
09 E92 335i
Just wondering if your turbo inlet is available for purchase. running into the same problem on the intake side as well with the BMS filter