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Nov 23, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
2012 BMW 335i (E92)
2012 335i N55 PWG Prod. 4/12 105k miles

Hello everyone, so I'm gonna try to explain as much as I can of what I have done and potential reasoning's, I'm the only one to touch and repair anything on it since ownership so all my doings.

recently did oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket but did perform oil pump priming procedure and drove for over 700 miles with no problems

So as of yesterday morning I have been getting the code

"3011 - Intake Camshaft Instillation Faulty"

This raised the suspicion of the notorious "Vanos Sheared Bolts" or "backed out bolts" basically the bolts on the vanos sprocket can wear and break the heads off and fall down into your oil pan, destroying your head and cam. So I just got done taking off the valve cover and looked at everything and neither of the 4 bolts were loose, broken, or even worn down. Pictures below for what I'm talking about. Everything else looks intact IMO but I need some opinions on this.

The one change i made before this all happened was I RESET ALL ADAPTATIONS these consist of
Lambda sensors
Intake Mass Flows
Lambda Regulation
Load Control
Fuel High Pressure System
Octane Rating

However I did not do the throttle reset procedure method with the ignition on after I did this. After I started everything was fine, drove it home 5 mins and parked it over night. When i started it that's when I got idle surging, and rough starts and the code. Even with resetting the codes it still would come back every time I started. If anyone has some thoughts on what could be going wrong please lmk :D

This is the back of the sprocket, bolts are intact


A better view of the top side, bolts all look good pls help lol


Another top angle

And the whole top end