1. N55_E92

    N55 Vanos Help

    2012 335i N55 PWG Prod. 4/12 105k miles Hello everyone, so I'm gonna try to explain as much as I can of what I have done and potential reasoning's, I'm the only one to touch and repair anything on it since ownership so all my doings. recently did oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket...
  2. Panzerfaust

    SOLD N54 Schrick Cams - aftermarket cams

    Posting a feeler for my BNIB Schrick cams for the N54. Specs on the cams are 268/268 Duration, 11.5mm / 10.5mm lift. These cams DO NOT require aftermarket pistons or even titanium valves (and you might even be able to get away with stock springs depending on your rev limit), so not only could...
  3. R

    Rough idle after oil change

    Hey guys i need your help on this. I changed my oil yesterday and on the way home the car went in limp mode. Next day cold start really runs rough and got these codes all together. Codes: - 29CC Misfire several cylinders (actually all 6) - 2A7C Variable camshaft timing control, intake, cold...