More E60 Questions [Part#2]


Jul 22, 2018
Northern California
2004 BMW 525I
Ok so I have a 04 525I, Automatic Transmission, M54 Engine. I recently found a 2006 530i at a junk yard not to far away that has more than a few parts in perfect condition still so what I want to know is how much of the car I can use without having to do too much installing the new stuff into my car.

1| Window Sun Shades- The 530i[Junkyard Car] has them on all windows in great shape still an before I pulled them off I just wanted to make sure that they would bolt right onto mine without having to cut or change anything within my door panels?|

2| Heated Steering Wheel/Steering Colum- the 530i has a heated steering wheel while I just have a normal electric steering wheel, as far as I can tell they look like they would definantly work if swapped but before I did the work I just want to make sure as well as find information on what parts if anything special I need to grab from the 530i in order to install the things correctly in my car.|

3| Heated Seat Module/ Controls- the 530i has heated seats, however the seats in my car look identical [Sport Seat Package] just without the heating, what im wondering is how hard it would be to uninstall the controls an mod along with whatever inside the seats that warms them would be? Also could I get away with only the mod & controls since we have the same seats or would I need the seats along with everything else?

4| DVD Drive- I currently done have any dvd drive, I have the 6-disk changer in the glovebox[Same as 530i] and a single disk slot right under the a/c controls, the 530i has the same thing plus the second disk drive, which says dvd on it, right under the first drive, would it be a hard task to uninstall that setup from the 530i & then install it into my 525i?


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Nov 24, 2017
Indiana, USA
Z4 35is, 535xi, X5 35i
1) No. you can see in the photo there is a "notch" for the screen. Look for the rear sunshade though. You can install that. Be sure to get switch unit that has the sunshade button
3) You will need the seats in order to get the heating elements. Best answer may be to move your seat covers onto the other seats and install them
4) Lots of idrive conversions been going on for years. Should be able to sort it out.