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There is more to tuning than tuning on the dyno. Smooth driveability is more important as numbers can be misleading when it comes to dyno numbers. As you can see within the graph, the stock map oscillates around 5500 rpm causing the stock map to make more whp according to the final numbers. The inconsistent power also doesn't make for a good driving experience.

If the car didn't oscillate, my assumption would be around 285 peak whp which would put gains for this map around 85 whp over stock. Torque does the same, just a small bump for a few hundred rpm. Regardless, torque gains with this map are around 140 wtq over stock. More important, is how smooth that power is delivered. Peak numbers are great, but always look at how the power is delivered.

Bottom line... Smooth power and the power under the curve is truly what makes the difference when it comes to driveability.



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Dec 10, 2016
What does the afr look like? Also did you notice a lot of timing corrections within your logs? Is this optimized for 91 or 93 oct?
This was a very early example map. The car also had 5 gal of e85 to bring the octane level up from our local 92 to increase the safety buffer. Below is the datazap link from the dyno. Over the course of the past 6 weeks of R&D I have resolved the issues surrounding torque and fueling codes. In this log you can see there is an intervention which causes power to dip a bit with onset, again today that is gone. You can also see if in the dyno which torque is pulled slightly. As stated, those issues have been resolved to include the timing dip that is also associated with the limiters.

Here is a better example of what I'm doing with stock turbo tuning. Below is a recent map for an X5 8spd. Customer is able to brake torque launch without torque bog. Impressive as he was able to get all 4 wheel to spin coming off the line. ;-)

The N55 is only limited by it's turbo size and fueling when it comes to making power. My 2012 135 MSport DCT is now supporting the following mods: PURE Stage 2 turbo, K&N Drop in Filter, AEM Meth Injection, N54Tuning Catless Down Pipe, ER Charge Pipe, Fuel-IT Stage 2 LPFP - Upgraded Fuel Lines - Ethanol Sensor - Port Injection Fuel Rail with AIC6 Controller. I'll post up the dyno number after the 18th as we have a local fundraiser dyno day scheduled and I'll be getting some early numbers as I won't have a lot of time to get the car dialed in.
That stock intercooler is holding nothing with this xD but, I understand its for baseline performance. but, looks good so far cant wait to see more results! Keep it up!

I agree. If you want consistent power you really need to upgrade the FMIC or add meth. I'll be installing a AD Engineering FMIC soon as well, but did meth for half mile events. I have always been an N54 guy. Never thought I would like the N55 because no one has really shown and decent numbers. Could also have been the limitation of flash tuning due to the lack of support from COBB. MHD really opens up the doors for this platform to grow. Contemplating now about picking up a used engine to have it built. Might be a project for next year along with a Dotson clutch pack upgrade. We'll see how the DCT holds up. I have total control of the torque actual value that the trans uses to control line pressure so hopefully I can keep it high enough I won't see any issues like people have seen it the past with piggyback tuning.