M4 and BM3


Dec 14, 2016
Hudson, WI
Bootmod3 seems to be the flavor du jour in the S55 world. When I began modding my E92 the first pass was a JB4, which fit the bill exactly due to ability to uninstall it with no fingerprints left behind.

To those running the BM3 on an M4, are you pleased with the product / maps available / BM3 in general? I'm on the path to sell my 335 and get into a used low mileage M4. Plus I have this compulsion, disease, whatever you like to call it which drives me to never, ever leave my vehicles in a stock configuration.

On another note, is anyone running a JB4 in their M4? If so, I'd like to hear about it.

[ Edited - original post stated "S58" instead of "S55" ]
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