M140i Finale Edition - Last chance at RWD 3.0L 1 Series


Oct 18, 2016
For those who don't know, BMW is making the 1 Series ACTUALLY a sissies car starting with the next generation as it will be on the FWD platform. They are shifting everything up with the 6 series becoming essentially the 8 series, and the 2 Series will be the smallest vehicle you can obtain the RWD turbo-6 treatment.

For anyone who likes a hatch and wants this combination in the smallest package possible, they are producing a Final(Finale?) Edition which may be the last chance anyone's got:

It comes with a $3,000 AUD premium over the the Regular M140i and will cost $62,990.

2019-bmw-m140i-finale-edition (1).jpg2019-bmw-m140i-finale-edition (2).jpg2019-bmw-m140i-finale-edition (3).jpg2019-bmw-m140i-finale-edition (4).jpg2019-bmw-m140i-finale-edition (5).jpg2019-bmw-m140i-finale-edition.jpg
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