Inject Can bus messages from an arduino to the dct to control it as is


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Jul 18, 2021
Is thereanyone in the community capable of using this info to inject it into the tcu and make the dct function as if it was still in the car...

The DCT control strategy and logic is built inside the TCU, and we "just" feed the TCU with the following data (in short, it is highly complicated):
•Torque values (engine, drivers choice, vehicle, wheel, requests, max and min values).
•Engine RPM.
•Engine CLT.
•Engine oil temperature (simulated from CLT).
•Pedal position.
•Required fuel amount.
•E-Throttle positions (simulated from pedal positions to be able to work with non E-Throttle vehicles).
•Brake pedal status.
•"Vehicle speed values" to match the stock gear ratio (if using other gear ratio than the gearbox donor vehicle, we have to recalculate this value).
•Traction control status.
•Yaw sensor data.
•Steering wheel angle position.
•Wheel pressures, circumference, tolerances.
•Brake pressures.
•Handbrake status.
•Active cruise control status.
•Seat belt status.
•Combi data, odometer, MIL status.
•Door and trunk status.
•Ambient temperature.
•Central locking status.
•Ignition key/terminal status.
•Gear position status.
•A VERY LONG list of other status values like (vehicle speed limitations, engine speed limitations, catalyst protections, engine start torque, max values if limp home and similar values....)
Note: We do not list ALL values transmitted above, many of them are check sum verified by the TCU.

MaxxECU CAN message IDs
CAN message IDs


Nov 18, 2017
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335i DCT 2009
Welcome ! There are a number of threads and members here that could help. I’ll take a look and see if I can find the file mentioned somewhere …