I'm bucketless. Kinda


Jul 27, 2017
Hi guys,
recently my stage 2 pump wasn't keeping up on E30 and around 22psi of boost on GCs. It was diving to 49 psi which in turn dropped the hpfp as low as 5 (750 psi) sometimes. One product was suggested to me but when I looked at it I thought a DIY looked better.

I bought a hydramat for about $160
walbro F90000267 pump for $95
conveluted hose for $5
8 to 10mm jubilee clips for $5
40mm jubilee clip for $3
straight fir 7.89mm quick connect $4

I cut the connector off a stock pump and soldered it to the walbro. Then I used heat shrink tubing on the connections.

I put the jubilee clip around the pump and zip tied it to the bucket on the out side. The bucket holds the pump in place at the bottom of the tank. (A stock bucket can be left completely intact if required.) Plug the new walbro into the top hat.

Basically you could take a stock bucket and cut away everything except the fuel level sensor and the part where the legs of the top hat insert. The hydramat takes car of all the fuel flow. No venturi system is needed.

I think I probably spent a little over $250? My plan is to actually run a pair of these pumps but I wanted to see how this worked first. A month later all is good. (Pump pressure hasn't dropped below 65 psi on a pull now) I've had my tank run as close to empty as I dare. Less than a gallon left and it still flowed just fine. This is probably $300 cheaper than the commercial option. So far so good. You could buy an old broken stock bucket, cut it up and zip tie this pump in it to have a fuel level sensor.