stage 2

  1. SoyElMaui

    FS Pure Stg 2 for N55 PWG

    Turbo is in great condition. Only removed bcus went bigboost. 8k miles. No shaft play. Asking for $1800 you pay shipping
  2. M

    I'm bucketless. Kinda

    Hi guys, recently my stage 2 pump wasn't keeping up on E30 and around 22psi of boost on GCs. It was diving to 49 psi which in turn dropped the hpfp as low as 5 (750 psi) sometimes. One product was suggested to me but when I looked at it I thought a DIY looked better. I bought a hydramat for...
  3. ML Performance UK

    M Turbo - N54 Ball Bearing Turbos with OEM fitment

    Dear all, I am Marshall from ML Performance, we are a BMW Specialist based in Surrey, the United Kingdom. This is our first post on here so please be gentle :) We would like to share some of our new developments and we are very excited to say the least! So after years of development and...