Hotchkis adjustable sway bar link install review


Apr 6, 2018
Dallas, TX but soon to be Cocoa Beach FL
2012 z4
Adjustable rear sway bar links


Bought these as I got tired of hearing the taps on the rear halfshafts.

Install took about an hour - pretty straightforward, but possibly a trip to the hardware store for some bolts is required. I bought my swaybars used years ago, and they came with no hardware, so...

  1. Get grade 8 or greater quality! These ran me ~ $14 in total from Home Depot
  2. Top bolt is a M8-1.5 45mm. Get a locking nut
  3. Rear bolt is a 10-1.5 50mm. Get a large and small washer - see the mounting instructions to get an idea on the size, and a locking nut.
  4. I adjusted mine to ~3-4mm longer than the stock unit. The only way to test is put the tires on, lower it and see the spacing (again, per the instructions). If not right - uninstall and adjust. Don't tighten the nuts till you verify fitment - locking nuts should be a one time use.
  5. Comes with grease. I removed the zerk (grease) fitting and seperated the busings some and squeezed it in. Who still has a grease gun?
  6. I had to push the unit up from the bottom, without the top spacers on, as the gap was too tight with them in. I then installed the spacers on the top side and lowered it down - perfect fit!

For ~$100, easy solution. I know others have built solutions before this was available, I was just not driving enough to worry about it. 1 trip to - and it was time.

33 55 Stabilizer Bar​

Tightening Torques​

TypeThreadTightening specificationTorque
1AZRetaining bracket, stabilizer bar to rear axle support
E89M8 22 Nm
2AZStabilizer link to bracket, upper control arm
E89M822 Nm