Hello 09 bmw 335i x drive project owner here


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Feb 5, 2024
I have a 09 335i x drive car i purchased as a project that needed some work but was at least running when i got it. I am from La Crosse, WI. It had some upgradeds already done but still needed a few select upgrades yet to better utilize whats already there along with dealing with some long overdue maintaince updates. The plan for my car is to build it to try my hand at some track day events and some different road courses. I nearly had it all done although it seems the oil pan is still leaking even after i tried replacing pan gaskest inside car, but now the motor died out before ever driving. I pulled head and didnt find much diffinitive but one of the new head bolts decided to strip out when i was torquing down head and it seems like something is hitting inside now when turning by hand so now i am just pulling out motor completely so i can fix whatever it is along with conqueoring oil leak problems for good i hope! Not sure yet if I need a full blown rebuild yet or not. I am worried about the stripped head bolt and fixes for that. I am kind thinking the issue may have been due to past overheating before I owned it unless the head bolts i bought were wrong to start with. I am not sure which but I am wondering on options for fixing the problem. It almost seems cheaper to buy another used block off someone and to just swap out my guts into that vs fixing mine. I am not sure i have enough faith for heli coils and the resleeve fix costing 500 bucks is more then if i just want to buy a used engine core to build. I am planning on upgrading to some head studs this time so avoid any future problems along with a one piece front crankhub. I just had put on some upgrade ISC suspension and I was planning on brand new upgraded bushings and performance aftermarket adjustable control arms along with new wheel bearings all around before running into this motor issue. rear bushings are so bad atm i cant even get the camber angle right in the rear lol. lowered suspension coil overs might also be a part of it too.


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Jun 4, 2021
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Welcome! Sounds like a frustrating start, sorry to hear about your issues.

What studs did you go with?

When it died, did you have any codes or other trouble-shooting you did before pulling the head?