PROMO Guru Autowerks - ZF 6HP26/28 Transmission Adapter


Nov 26, 2020
Houston, TX
07 335i
Yes Martymil, I have certainly been screwed over and have no transmission despite it allegedly been built and ready to install.

At least there is some light at the end of the tunnel with this 26/28 kit. Looking forward to this.

Cant imagine how frustrating that is, people playing games and not standing behind their word. We all put way too much time, energy and money into these cars to be messed around with. Never great when the authorities have to take over, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I am honored to be the source of that light at the end of the tunnel and we can't wait for our kit make it down under. I'm a closet Holden, and Aussie car lover... you guys know whats up and have an amazing car scene... visiting Australia is on my bucket list! If you have any questions or need anything at all just ask. Wish you the best outcome possible with your "situation" hopefully you'll be made whole again.


Jul 23, 2017
Thanks for the sentiment. I have been developing my car continuously since my 135 was 3 days old in 2008. Before that it was a heavily modified '02 V8 Holden V8 Monaro LS2 6.0lt, drag raced to death.

I've seen and tried every development there has been for my n54 with twins and then engineering what was probably the first RHD bottom mount big single turbo kit, along with lots of extraneous parts. Now at version 4 with fully built engine and all the dream car parts I could muster over time. Trans is the last piece of the driveline puzzle so I am looking forward to an OEM based auto solution.