General log check - Also lazy bank 2 afr settle to 234


New Member
Feb 28, 2024
Hi guys! New to the platform and the forum.

I would like some help here with a concern of mine.
I dont know much about logging or what i should check for, so please give your opinions on the logs
My main concern is that the AFR doesnt settle to 234 immediatly on bank 2, whereas it does on bank 1. I just replaced injector 1 and 6 with index 12 because they were leaking. My cold starts are now fine but i can feel a slight vibration on idle compared to other cars ive been in, but maybe thats normal to n54?

Anyway, I was hoping you could give me input on what this could be. The injectors are crazy expensive nowadays and im tight on cash right now so preferably dont want to swap more out but if i must ill do it.

Also, is this condition bad to drive with?

Thanks in advance
WBR Elias