1. swellengear

    Please review log. HPFP failure or something else?

    Hi guys, Please have a look at the below logs. Does this look like HPFP failure? Basically what happens is, if I pull the car in WOT, I get a 29DC error code - injector shut off. It will then miss horribly, until I clear the codes. **Logs were taken with a leaky injector #1, which has since...
  2. FredHarwood

    Strange boost problem!

    Hi everyone, strange issues with the 335i! Car is a 2006 RHD N54 335i with DP, intercooler, BOV, Charge pipe, Inlets, Outlets and RB Ones, JB4 (G4) Curently Map 2 (14.5 psi). I have been having some issues with making boost. Most of the time the car will spool up no issue hit the 14.5psi...