1. LillisN54

    General log check - Also lazy bank 2 afr settle to 234

    Hi guys! New to the platform and the forum. I would like some help here with a concern of mine. I dont know much about logging or what i should check for, so please give your opinions on the logs My main concern is that the AFR doesnt settle to 234 immediatly on bank 2, whereas it does on bank...
  2. D

    Rich AFR Bank 1 on Decel

    Hello all, hoping someone can help! I’ve searched through every N54 forum or community for my issue but really nothing conclusive or logical To keep it simple, my AFR1 and AFR2 readings aren’t the same on deceleration. AFR2 will go full lean (234) relatively quickly but my AFR1 will lag...
  3. matreyia

    Vibration upon Coasting

    Hey Everyone, I just developed a vibration when coasting from rear end. Tested in neutral and does it too. Applying brakes also has this sound. Basically anytime I decelerate in any manner it has this sound...see video to hear. Anyone had this before? I changed guibo in case that was the cause...