Dec 8, 2016
We are pleased to announce the official launch of our CES Twinscroll N54 Bottom mount Single turbo systems featuring the Steedspeed manifolds here on Spoolstreet. Very special thanks to Tyler Lee for helping us promote and bring these kits to the N54 community! Kits are currently in production, and we will begin opening up pre-ordering with special introductory pricing for the first round of kits sold in the next few weeks.


Our turbo systems are currently designed for the E90/92 335 chassis 6MT and AT and will feature either Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Turbos or Precision Journal Bearing or Ball Bearing turbocharger options. Other turbo options are in the works. We are testing the xdrive and 135 chassis fitments, and also have N55 systems in development. We will offer both Hotside only kits for customers who already have their own Intercooler and Charge Piping upgrades, or our Complete kits that include our CES High Flow Race Intercoolers and CES Cold Side Charge Piping specifically designed for our turbo systems to maximize power and efficiency.

Why choose a CES N54 turbo system?
Our focus has always been to offer the highest quality kits on the market in efficiency, reliability and fit and finish.

Our kits exclusively feature the new Steedspeed Twinscroll Bottom Mount Turbo Manifolds we have collaborated together with Steedspeed (a top diesel turbo manifold manufacturer), to bring you a bulletproof, compact and high flowing turbo manifold design that offers maximum boost response, efficiency and flow. Built to handle diesel truck abuse, these manifolds are CNC’d billet steel, ceramic coated, and are not prone to cracking, warping or breaking as cast or tubular manifolds can. The manifolds have been redesigned with an optimized single divided wastegate side outlet to maximize flow, while still keeping the full twinscroll effect and minimize boost creep. Bottom mount design keeps power robbing and potentially damaging effects of excessive heat out of the engine bay for repeatable and reliable results run after run.

Feature all made in the USA tig welded stainless or aluminum 3” piping and engineered to maximize flow.

Our CES Stainless 3” V-band downpipe kits comes complete with wg reroute piping which directs the wg exhaust bypass gases back through the exhaust to maintain a more oem quality sound for regular driving and that sleeper like power. Open dump can also be an option for those wanting that more aggressive sound under boost.

Dyno tested in house on our Dynojet dyno with proven results.

Kit options will include either polished stainless or brushed aluminum intercooler piping. Custom coated piping options will also be available for specific colors, and Satin or crinkle black. Color options based on wastegate color choice of either blue, black, red, purple or silver, will be offered as well and turbo oil feed an line fittings color to match. Our full kits which include our own intercoolers and cold side piping will also offer matching BOV color or color of choice. 4” K&N Filter colors we offer will be blue, red, black, or silver to complete the color options and allow for some additional customization to your specific car and setup.

Kits come with all the necessary hardware for a complete bolt solution and turbo options with power levels that can produce as much as 1100HP with built motor and supporting mods.

What’s Included:

Choose from a variety of Turbos to meet your HP goals and boost response
Steedspeed Twinscroll Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold T4 flange
All stainless braided coolant and oil feed/drain lines and fittings for the single turbo conversion.
CES Coolant block conversion pipe kit for 6MT or AT
CES Full 4" Diameter Intake and 4" K&N Filter
CES Expansion Tank Relocation Kit
CES Cold Side Charge Piping and Tial Q 50mm BOV (Complete Kit Only)
CES Custom 800whp Race Intercooler upgrade and 3" Diameter Intercooler Piping (Complete Kit Only)
Power Steering reservoir relocation kit (Complete Kit only)
CES Custom Stainless Downpipe 3" to dual 2.5" and 1.75" Wastegate re-route piping Kit
Your choice of Turbosmart Gen 5 Hypergate 45 or Tial MVR 44mm Single Wastegate
MAC (BOOST) Solenoid with plug and play harness
for Single Turbo Operation with supported tuning or JB4 Integration
CES Turbo Motor Mount Arm utilzes OEM factory motor mount busing or aftermarket equivalent.
All necessary clamps, couplers, hardware etc... for a complete bolt on solution

IMG-20190424-WA0013.jpg 20190507_222942.jpg 20190507_224134.jpg IMG-20190423-WA0016.jpg 20190507_221011.jpg

Current Turbo Options:

GARRETT TURBOS (R-Dual Ball Bearing)
GT3582R (650 HP)
GTX3582R (750 HP)
GTX3582R GEN2 (850 HP)
GTX3584RS GEN2 (1000 HP)
(All Garrett turbos include 1.06 T4 divided housing and are Dual Ball Bearing Water and Oil cooled )

GEN1 JB-Journal Bearing

PT6266 JB SP CC W/ T4 Divided 735HP
PT6266 BB SP CC W/ T4 Divided 735HP
PT6766 JB SP CC W/ T4 Divided 935HP
PT6766 BB SP CC W/ T4 Divided 935HP

GEN2 BB-Ball Bearing with upgraded CEA Wheel
(Precision Turbos offer a few different T4 divided A/R Housings in either JB journal bearing or BB ball bearing and oil cooled only)


Precision Gen1 6266 JB 735hp rated turbo $4899.00.
Precision Gen1 6766 JB 935hp rated turbo $5099.00.
Precision Gen1 6266 BB 735hp version $5549.00
Precision Gen1 6766 BB 935hp version $5899.00

Precision Gen2 6266 BB CEA 800hp rated turbo $5599.00
Precision Gen2 6466 BB CEA 900hp rated turbo $5799.00
Precision Gen2 6870 BB CEA 1100hp rated turbo $6099.00

Garrett GT35R 650hp rated turbo $5199.00
Garrett GTX3582R 750hp rated turbo $5699.00
Garrett Gen2 GTX3582R 850hp turbo $5799.00
Garrett Gen2 GTX3584RS 1000hp rated turbo $6049.00

CES COMPLETE TURBO SYSTEM UPGRADE $1899.00 in addition to Hotside Kit Price, and will include our own full 3” Intercooler piping to our 800whp Race Intercooler and 3” Cold side IC piping and Charge piping with Tial Q 50mm BOV.

***Pre-ordering will be open soon!***

Additional Add-on Options

Eboost2 Boost Controller
or Eboost Street EBC
Works in conjuction with our own custom ECU tunes via MHD to offer up to 6 different boost settings without the need of a piggyback system or having to flash a different map each time you want to run a different boost level.

N20 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor and Adapter Harness Upgrade
To run boost levels up to 35 psi

More options coming...


Custom tunes will also be available for purchase that have been designed and dyno tested in house on our dyno for our specific kits. Depending on mods we will offer 93 octane, E40 blend, 93 octane + PI, E40 + PI, E85/E90 only and E85/E90 +PI tunes with either custom tune via MHD flash and EBC, or with JB4 and our custom backend flashes to allow customers to get up and running right out of the box. Additional tunes are still in development, and we will post more information in upcoming posts with more info and pricing.


All numbers and tuning were conducted with our CES N54 Single Turbo System Complete Kit and Garrett GTX35R GEN 2 850HP Turbo Option, Single LPFP upgrade, Stock N54 Motor. EOS Intake Manifold with PI and Dual LPFP Kit used for E90 + PI Dyno Graphs.

Dyno graphs listed below with various fuels and tuning:

Pump Gas Dyno 93 Octane Only JB4 Map3 (524whp/499wtq 93 octane 20 Psi) Compared to same car completely stock with only a bolt on exhaust, our Gen2 kit matches stock twins power and torque numbers at under 2700rpm with an 800+whp capable turbo system.

93 vs stock twins2.png

E40 Blend Octane Dyno JB4 Map3 (577whp/514wtq @ 20 Psi)

CES Gen2 Single Turbo JB4 E40 Map3 20 psi Dyno.png

E40 Blend Octane Dyno JB4 Map 6 (576whp/585wtq @ 22 Psi) Highlights the ability to increase torque output using our custom map6 settings when using JB4.

Space E40 runs JB4 map6 22psi.png

E90 PI Dyno (770whp/725wtq @ 31 Psi) Limited by stock motor internals. The Gen2 GTX3582R kit will easily make 800+ whp on built motor applications

CES n54 Gen2 Singe Turbo 31 psi E90.png

E90 PI Dyno (Various Boost Settings from 15psi to 31psi) Highlights the Multiple Boost/Power Settings that can be made on E90 fuel + PI with our custom tuning and Eboost2 Boost Controller Option

CES 15 to 30 psi dyno.png


Oct 18, 2016
Excellent! Really impressed with the quality of this kit and attention to detail! This kit clearly has had a lot of thought put into it and will surely make a lot of people happy!


Feb 6, 2019
I've been following this kit for a long time. Glad it has finally made it to production. I'd really like if the gtx3576r gen2 was a turbo option. My car is an automatic so I don't really need the 800+hp capability.


May 24, 2019
I've been following this kit for a long time. Glad it has finally made it to production. I'd really like if the gtx3576r gen2 was a turbo option. My car is an automatic so I don't really need the 800+hp capability.
Agreed a 3576 or smaller would be amazing compared to the other good looking bottom mounts on the market
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Dec 8, 2016
Thank you all for the responses so far, and to those of you that have waited for this kit or have reached out to us already. We have more turbo options we will add, and yes the 3576r is one of them. We are building kits currently to make sure we can keep up with demand. I will update again with more info in the coming days. Anyone who is interested and has not contacted us already, please feel free to email us or post here on this thread so we can begin putting together a pre order list and get a feel for demand. We will begin taking deposits and fulfilling orders in the next few weeks.


Nov 6, 2016
Some people want to dd 600whp on pump with no pi or meth .
YUP Like me! I wouldn't want to daily a 100% E85 car and be filling up that often, 13 MPG get's old quick when you stop for gas twice a week.

Something like 90% of the country has no E85 access within 30m of their home or work. Also, the cost to run full PI E85 at 700whp costs 2k-3k uninstalled.

Each dot is the size of a major city so it makes it look a lot closer and denser than it really is.

Not surprising most are near the corn:

Almost everywhere you can find pump 93 and you can always supplement your pump gas with some charge pipe meth. Simple and inexpensive to install. The added reliability of a single also is a factor to consider.