CANBUS Packet and Protocol Information


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
Credit for the majority or all of this information goes to:

Reg = Register type, W = Writeable (the ID can be emulated by an external Can controller, whilst in the car with no adverse affects)
Mini = Tested on a 2013 John Cooper Mini and the register is found to be the same.

Source Information
Kombi = Instrument Cluster.
Multi = Multiple sources.
JBE = Junction Box Electronic Module
CAS = Car Access System
SZL = Steering column switch cluster (The SZL is on the 500KHz F-CAN bus. Data is passed onto the K-can via gateway module.)
CON = idrive Controller
DSC = Dynamic Stability Control

Can-IDLengthDATA Packet HEXRegister DescriptionRegMiniKcan1KCan2Source
0A58CD D5 EC C7 7E 34 0C F1Throttle and RPMNY
0A8854 D7 2B D0 2B F0 0F 02Torque, Clutch and Brake statusYN
0AA85F 59 FF 00 34 0D 80 99Engine RPM and throttle positionYN
0C02F4 FFABS / Brake counterYNJBE
0C4783 FD FC 00 00 FF F1Steering Wheel position (See 0C8)YN
0C86DD 07 FC 00 00 FFSteering Wheel position (Sent 2x often 0C4)YNSZL
0CEDA 02 DC 02 DC 02 D9 02Individual Wheel Speeds (4x Pairs)YN
0D72C3 FFCounter (Airbag / Seatbelt Related)YN
0E281 FF E7 FC FF FF FF FFPassenger door status Unlocked, OpenYYJBE