BMW 335is ABS LIGHT causing M mode to shift by itself???


Apr 18, 2020
Hey I have a bmw 335is and after my coilover install.. I got a check engine light and the code is for the both front wheel speed sensors this has caused my abs light to come on. No big deal right I probably messed up the sensor durning the install.. but right when this code came my DCT transmission in M mode where I should be in control gear shifts... but after this code the transmission will shift first gear by itself even tho it’s in M mode.... and sometimes durning WOT will shift way way before redline even tho its in m mode on some gears, i don't have control... is that related to the wheel speed sensor and abs light on??? Really annoying and confusing thanks. Getting my wheel speed sensor fixed but want to make sure they are related


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
Yes your wheel speed sensor will trigger all kinds of weird shifting issues. Replace them both. That is what I did when mine went out and it stopped all the tomfoolery with the transmission. If you replace them and it still shifts all jacked up, then you have a problem that is new to the community.