Weird Park Problem


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Oct 8, 2023
Car on startup shifts to D or R easily
Given a few minutes warm up, Car will not shift into D or R
When Shifted after warming up, the light for the drive selection I put it in Lights up and the shifter stays in the position for a few seconds and the engine changes its tone like it normally does when put into gear but after about 3 seconds it kicks the shifter back into park.
This can be bypassed if I give it slight gas while in the small period of time it thinks its in gear, but the car lurches
When I press the park button on top of the shifter it gives me an transmission error message that Park may not be possible and to set my parking brake, however it still puts it in park and the message goes away when I put it in gear
2DED code
Checked Fuses
I recently had a VANOS solenoid problem which went away after cleaning
I also didn’t realize you have to code batteries to the car so I ran it without coding for 8 months before coding it about a month ago, if this is relevant