Technical bmw 335 n54 need help pls


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Mar 19, 2018
2008 bmw 335 xi e92
So recently I noticed my car moving sluggish and kinda dragging her ass in first and seconds gear.

When My car is cold , it is smooth , drives smooth and 1st and 2nd gear are smooth and car feels very light and fast

but after driving it a bit and when the car heats up first and second gear becomes heavy and sluggish and not smooth and feels like the car is too heavy.
3rd and 4th and other gears no problem.

Could it be that the air intake is taking in hot air from the engine bay when the car heats up making the car sluggish and not smooth.

Car still pulls hard but the difference is when the car is cold it pulls hard and smooth and when the car is hot it pulls hard but feels heavy and not smooth and gives a feeling of dragging her ass.

I idle the car from a cold start to heat up to engine and than driving the car 1 and 2nd gear are so fast and smooth and car feels super light but after driving it a bit car start getting heavy not smooth and sluggish.

Could it be the clutch going bad or the air intake taking in hot air from the engine bay ?
but that doesn't make sense because I idle the car in the drive way to heat the engine up to normal operation temperature and than drive it car feels light and smooth but after driving it a bit car gets heavy and sluggish

Please any input is appreciated it has been driving me nuts
no check engine light and dealer found no problems with the car

car mods :
JB4 Chip
BMS Dual Cone Intake
BMS Water/Meth/ Injection Kits running 50 % distilled water and 50 % methanol
BMS Modified Clutch Valve
Short Shifter Kit
BMS Short Throw Clutch Stop
LED Angel Eye
ST coilovers
VRSF cat delete mod
VRSF 3" Cast Stainless Steel down pipess
VRSF 7" Street Intercooler
Remus Sport Quad Exhaust
2 step/nls

I think the clutch is stock , I have no info on the clutch

Thank You for your time !


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Nov 6, 2016
ACF 6466 E92 + METH
Honestly the best way would be to take a log in both conditions. 1 to 2nd to 3rd logged pulls @ WOT.


Jun 5, 2017
07 335i MT
Log or fault codes if any..

Stick clutch seems unreal for a car with meth! If that's the case I'd be blow away if it isn't slipping!!