Technical (Apart of VANOS issue) Oil Housing not draining properly


Jan 21, 2023
Hey all,

I know I might sound like a broken record, but I am still trying to figure out my 2A87 / 3100 errors and it is driving me nuts.
I have run though a whole bunch of advice from this forum now and am just about out of ideas without it settling on being a cam ledge issue that I still don't understand as these errors only started after removing my valve cover :(

One piece of advice I've received is it could be foreign matter blocking part of the oil housing from the back (either plastic from the valve cover break or something else).
I took off my oil filter cap and noticed it doesn't fully drain as per the photo's attached. I am sure it used to when changing the oil.
Is it possible there might be a blockage.

Does anyone know for sure if the photo's look normal, shouldn't that oil have drained from the outer parts of the housing?
Thanks again, hope someone can give some more advice.


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