oil pressure at WOT vs partial throttle


Jun 14, 2018
E90 335i MT
Hi everyone,

My car has gone through a big job. On the engine front, it mainly went in for turbos but I decided to do bearings, oil pickup etc while I'm in there. After this job, I noticed a drop in oil pressure that I've attributed to the looser tolerance of king bearings. However, I'm also seeing a drop in oil as RPMs increase above 3500 or so RPM. That doesn't make sense to me. The car was healthy and holding 90+psi to 7000rpm prior to the job. We also thought that the pick up tube might have been installed wrong, so we dropped the pan and made sure everything was fine.

The weirdest thing though is that oil pressure seems to be dependent not only on RPM but also on engine load. Can someone explain to me why that would be case ? (it wasn't the case prior to the job)

the plot on the left is partial throttle, while the one on the right is full throttle. Notice the oil pressure drop to 70psi or below on the WOT log...

I also added the list I gave me mechanic of all parts that I want installed...

Any insight is highly appreciated!


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