another single turbo build thread. blah blah blah


Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
2009 BMW 335i
Hello! so a little back story, some older members might remember me from my previous build thread on my old 335 ( Life caught up to me and i decided it was time to buy a house and the toy had to go, needless to say once adulting was over and was able to secure a home for my fiance and i, i was itching to get back to it and this time with a whole new setup in mind! low and behold i came across a really nice 2008 e92 in silver (exactly like my old one) at a price i just couldn't pass up, she was bone stock and had never been touched under the hood aside from regular maintenance with only 68,000 miles!!


at that point the parts search was on, the main mindset with this one was "simple and efficient" every part i bought and decision i made had to have those components apart of it. The ultimate goal is a car that can run mid 10s at the drag strip with ease and can still be driven home with AC and heated seats. and of course the weekend mexico runs. i also knew since i decided to single turbo it while it was still stock to not buy any of your typical bolt ons and just go straight for "the good stuff". so first up was turbo kit, ended up getting a great deal on a used speedtech kit, from the forums only problem is that it came with a garret gtx3576r which isnt the turbo i had in mind, so was able to offload the turbo and switch to a PT6266, after some sand blasting and ceramic coating turbo kit came back looking good as new


once i had most of the pieces of the puzzle it was time for engine out and turbo kit on, opted to pull the motor due to it being much easier to put this kit on the engine stand, and i also wanted to go ahead and refersh everything, all new gasket and seals for everything along with new injectors, plugs and coil packs.



Engine is now back in the car and currently going thru the process of working out the little bugs that usuall are associated with going from 100 percent stock to 700whp capable in on go. and then tuning for power with chris at motiv motorsport!! all of the work has been done by me in my garage with a little blood, alot of sweat, and very minimal tears. once engine is sorted and everything seems happy the entire rear end is on the chopping block next to make way for a ford 8.8! here is the official mod list now as it sits along with some somewhat finished product pics

-speedtech single turbo kit w/ a pt6266 BB turbo
-revshift "oem +" engine mounts
-VRSF 7.5" 1k intercooler
-VRSF charge pipe w/ tial bov
-turner motorsports coolant expansion tank
-motiv motorsport st twin disc clutch
-RB style pcv system using their 2jz pcv fitting and my own made lines and can
-BMS style catch can recirculated on the boost side with my own lines and fittings
-PFS port injection rail w/ DW 550cc injectors
-Precision raceworks in tank regulator/ filter
-Black market parts bucketless dual 450 pump setup
-custom 6an fuel lines
-Beta testing the latest n54 reflex system for port injection





soon to come!!


cant wait to see what comes of this thing!! but im hoping to make a fun street monster that can still hold its own at the track!