Oct 22, 2016
AD Engineering will have three products featured for Black Friday. Sale will start at midnight tonight and quantities on website will be accurate to availability. Once its sold out the sale is over, so don’t wait too long. All Black Friday sales will ship by December 8th.

Don’t forget to browse the rest of the online store for other products currently on sale.

First up,

ADE Port Injection Kit

This PI kit has been on the market for years now with great success.
ONLY $699 with injectors!!!
ADE PI Kit.jpg

ADE BMW 135i/335i Urethane Engine Mounts
These Billet Urethane Mounts have quickly become the best engine mount upgrade on the market. Over the years others have tried to provide aftermarket mounts, but have fallen short in both performance and longevity. These Billet/Urethane mounts have an excellent track record for fit, finish, performance and longevity.
ONLY $299 per SET!!!
ADE Mounts.jpg

Last, but not least...

ADE N54 8AN Crankcase Breather/PVC Delete Fitting
The ORIGINAL PCV delete fitting has quickly because a must-have for your N54. This fitting both performs the function of blocking the intake ports from the crankcase and cuts labor time by 3+hrs as compared to the alternative of tapping and plugging the ports with set screws!
Recently, this fitting has been ripped off by other vendors. Here at ADE, we hope that customers will support the original company’s hard work to develop and produce products that add value to the platform.

Only $49 EACH!!!
PCV Delete.jpg
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