Paradigm Engineering Turbo Inlets for Toyota Supra and BMW B58 Engines

Paradigm Engineering

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Feb 15, 2021
Paradigm Engineering's turbo Inlet pipe upgrade is now available for all BMW and Toyota B58 engines.

Paradigm Engineering's upgraded Turbo Inlet pipe upgrade for B58 engines maximizes and smooths airflow from the intake to the turbo by removing all restrictions and increasing the inlet diameter for more power and better turbo efficiency.

Our turbo inlet upgrade is a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM unit. The factory piping is not optimized for performance and will limit flow due to it's smaller diameter. The plastic construction of the OEM turbo inlet also makes it prone to cracking, under high pressures and increasing age. Our Aluminum B58 Turbo Inlets provide a wider diameter and eliminate the factory resonator, which results in more direct airflow to your turbo and increased induction noise.

Features and Benefits​

• Maximize airflow to turbo
• Improves engine responsiveness
• Stronger than the weak plastic factory inlet
• Removes the factory sound resonator for improved sound
• Clean OEM look
• Quick and easy bolt-on installation

NOTE: Our aluminum turbo inlets WILL work with our Silicone Intake pipes, which will remove both resonators completely

All F chassis B58:

Toyota Supra A90/A91, BMW G2X M240I/M340I/M440I, G29 Z4 M40i:

G and X chassis B58: