Active Autowerke F8x M3 M4 Midpipe Step By Step Install + Sound Clips

Mike @ XPH

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Nov 18, 2016
Las Vegas
00:00 - 01:35 Benefits of upgrading the midpipe
01:35 - 02:40 Step by step install
02:40 - 03:23 Sound Clips

The Active Autowerke F8X Mid Pipe was specifically designed to eliminate the highly restrictive nature of the OEM F80 M3 and F82 M4 mid pipe. The stock dual pipe design gives the engine a raspy tone and is very restrictive with 2 cats and a resonator.

After much research and testing, Active Autowerke discovered that there is tremendous benefit to be gained by replacing the stock pipe with a 3.5” single high flow midpipe both with power and sound. The next challenge was making a large 3.5" pipe (needed for optimum performance ) fit without ground clearance issues - thus the oval pipe.

The key features of this upgrade are:
• Improved performance from less back pressure
• Deeper & throatier exhaust note
• Less restrictive, more free flowing
• Lighter weight than factory system
• Allows quicker turbo spool
• Increased low end and mid-range power
• And eliminates cheap “weed-eater” sound from the factory exhaust.

Active Autowerke Dynoed their shop M4 and it showed gains of 18 horse power & 30 pounds of torque with just the midpipe upgrade.

Let’s now go through the install process:

Remove stock midpipe
The first step when installing is to remove the stock midpipe and the process time takes 15 minutes. Start by removing the brace, then disconnect the midpipe from the downpipe, then cut from the exhaust side and remove the hangers.

Install Active Autowerke Midpipe
First we will install the long pipe by attaching the hanger , and connecting the midpipe from the downpipe side . Then get one of the small pipes, and connect it to the midpipe then connect the hanger . You’ll do the same for the other side , and once everything is installed correctly, you’ll tighten the connections

Once installed the midpipe gives a noticeable difference in sound and power. The Exhaust tone is now much cleaner without any rasp, it also opens up after 3500 RPM and gives the M3 / M4 a deep and aggressive sound without being obnoxious.