about Nitrous N54 JB4

Ruru chen

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Apr 1, 2017
bmw 135i
Dear all
Have anyone use Nitrous system and JB4?i have some problem
1.How can i select the nitrous and fuel nozzle?
2.How much pressure increase at use the nitrous system ?
3. use the nitrous system will let boost pressure increase over target ,the ecu will let throttle decrease,so what can i solve this problem
4.about how can i connect JB4 to nitrous system? i use JB4 G5
Thank you so much

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Jan 23, 2017
We don't officially support N20 use but, the JB4 has a programmable output that can run your N20 system based on various criteria. If you search old n54tech threads you can probably find some info.

Generally speaking for tuning run the PUMP BEF to get the advance curve and fuel curve close to where you need it. Then whatever JB4 map is most appropriate for the fuel being used.