2c2d & 2c2e Codes

BOosted 335i

Jun 1, 2017
New Jersey
E90 BMW 335i
If its not one but another problem after another lately.i have been diagnosing a meth issue,upon testing(logging)i noticed my afr pinned at 20 in logs,I am getting 2c2d & 2c2e codes at same time.some history,my car,just installed VM single turbo within 2 months ago.but only put about 300 miles.i have adv o2 sensors installed also.tried searching but not much came up on fix.i tried tracing the Primary o2 wires but go into the box underneath intake.my wires are both black,not gray and black.even if i try Map 1 or Map 2(low boost,no meth) still getting afr pinned at 20 on logs.Anyone have experience with these codes that can point me in the rite direction.

O2 sensors.jpg