O2 Sensor issue

Zachair Paharsingh

New Member
Sep 30, 2023
Hello, I’m new, but I’ve been reading these forums from I’ve gotten my car 2 years ago. I have the speedtech Single turbo (top mount kit with reflex controller. I’ve been trying to get the car tuned/Dialed in but I keep running into this issue when trying to grab a log for the tuner. I have Single o2 bank fueling enabled on mhd and I also have adv o2 sensor. Bank 2 o2 sensors are unplugged top & bottom. If I reset the lambda adaptations my AFR reads fine then maybe after a few minutes of driving it it starts reading lean when it throws these codes. I have purchased a heat sync that should be on the way. I’m on my 3rd adv o2 sensor. Does anyone know why the Car keeps doing this?



Sep 26, 2019
E36 M3, E90 335 ST
I would try with a bosch or NGK O2. When I first setup my single turbo with ADV's I was dealing with a few O2 codes. I got rid of them and started using legit bosch O2's with heat sinks (this was before single bank fueling and the car ran fine). I've now converted to single bank fueling with the same bosch sensor and I haven't had any issues with it.