2012 E92 328i HIFI drowned in water and looking to replace


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Jan 31, 2019
2012 BMW 328i coupe

So, I just finished a complete rebuild of the N51 engine on the 2012 328i and after I started the car I got no sound from the speakers, looked in the trunk and the HIFI amp was in a puddle of water from leaving the trunk semi opened when the battery was out. I now know how to apply12v to get it opened from the Junction Box under the glove compartment grey wire. But it is too late as the amp is not doing anything. Opened it up cleaned it, dried it, and tested the components, did not find any shorts that are obvious, could be in the IC chips, don't know. So, I found a bunch of different ones on eBay looked the same, but some are from X5, X3, X1, and other cars. I think I may have found one from a E92, have to look. I read that you have to get it adapted to the car you're installing to only if it's from a different model. Mine being a 328i I have to find one from the same. If I don't how hard is it to do the adaptation, I do have a Autel 708 bidirectional and can read and adapt a lot of things. I went into the menu for the amp, but it could not reach it for obvious reasons. Can you guys give me some advice on what I need to do and maybe point me in the right directions, this is for my son's car, and I do all the heavy lifting. Thanks in advance for any replies.​



Jan 26, 2020
Whidbey Island, Washington
2012 E92 335i
did you ever get this figured out? I have the stock HIFI amp out of my 2012 E92 335I just sitting in my garage at home. nothing wrong with it i just upgraded to a JL audio 6 channel amp.