1. T

    N55 stutters on boost.

    I am having an issue when flooring my car from 3-4k all the way to red line right when I shift I get a stutter as if it's misfiring but there are no codes. first time it ever happened I got a lean fuel mixture code but it never came back. I will post the log below thank you for any and all...
  2. S

    Looking for the best head studs for boost on a n54 . I’ll pass on Vargas looking for a big stud kit.

    Fully built motor just getting the last few pieces before I assemble it.
  3. Subwoofer

    0 boost no 30FF?

    So I just finished my Chinese Turbo install. 3.5 MAP sensor Metal intake nipple Turbos Inlets I took it for a short drive after warming it up and that’s what happened, you can see the boost target is there, no boost and WGDC is doing something. The vacuum lines all are connected and I have...
  4. Subwoofer

    Possible boost leak or just being daft ?

    Hello all, Running stage 2 + MHD with the Evolve DP + Intercooler. Looks like the boost isnt hitting the target towards the end, do you think my wastegates are causing havoc ? Recently they have been making a very big rattle.... Click me for the datalog Let me know, everything else looks fine.
  5. Subwoofer

    STOCK = 30FF, JB4 NO 30FF

    Hello all, So after ignoring all of your advice about not buying a 335I, I went and did it. Anyways, I have an interesting problem. When I set the JB4 Map to 0 and try and do a 3rd gear pull, the CEL comes on, with the error 30FF If I then put Map 1 back on, I can WOT without any engine...
  6. S

    Need Help Tuning

    I honestly have no clue where to start this. I've been trying to self tune my N54 for a little and I cant ever seem to get everything right. Added fuel, saw the decrease in afrs (from 14-13). Did a few pulls and it felt good with no timing correction. Bumped up each load target table by 10. Did...
  7. Rob09msport

    Thoughts on wth I need to fix now

    I am fbo with inlets outlets fully catless walnut blasted 5k ago new injectors and plugs 15k on hpfp and turbos and now my wgdc is high. Could this be boost solenoid aka pressure converter I changed one 10k miles ago because was...
  8. FredHarwood

    Strange boost problem!

    Hi everyone, strange issues with the 335i! Car is a 2006 RHD N54 335i with DP, intercooler, BOV, Charge pipe, Inlets, Outlets and RB Ones, JB4 (G4) Curently Map 2 (14.5 psi). I have been having some issues with making boost. Most of the time the car will spool up no issue hit the 14.5psi...
  9. V

    TMAP relocation?

    Possibly a dumb question. Has anyone relocated the TMAP sensor from the charge pipe to the intake manifold? Will the DME freak out when it no longer sees pressure spikes when you let off the throttle? Two reasons I ask: More accurate manifold pressure readings for PI controllers post-TB I have...
  10. arsenalmse


    Hello Spoolstreet! I thought I would introduce my company to you guys and tell you about some of the awesome stuff Arsenal Motorsports & Engineering has been developing for quite some time. To start off, Arsenal Motorsports & Engineering was started about a year ago by a couple of BMW...