1. Buhala21

    AWD e82 135i with DCT

    Hello everyone, For a long time I wanted to make a proper fast one series. I was researching for a lot of time, but I wanted to make something that hasn't been done before. The idea of making the little car AWD, but retaining the DCT trans. There were a lot of unknown things, which I found later...
  2. M

    MHD crackle tune on custom tune

    Hello people on Spool Street, my name is Mario. I have a beautiful stock 135i with a Custom Tune pushing around 360 wheel, and i was wondering if its possible to still run my custom tune and have the MHD crackle tune enable without any issues. If anyone have any idea on how this could work/...
  3. R

    Single turbo Doc Race Motiv boost box and mac solenoid (MHD)

    Hey guys I´m new on the page, I am on the procces of making my 135i n54 09 to doc race st 6266, i have doubts about how the motiv boost box works with the mhd, and how is connected the mac solenoid to the wastegates So how do I use the MHD to control the Motiv Boost Box or does it control...
  4. azshantris

    My Blue 1

    It's time I finally get together a build thread of my bimmer. It's not the most fascinating, the fastest, nor the coolest, but it's mine. I want to show it off and definitely keep building it. (Who wants to send me a big turbo?) This is my third BMW so far. Still have a 1988 735i, and sold my...
  5. berns

    FS 135i / BMW Perf Brembo Brakes (front & rear, rotors & pads)

  6. G

    FS N54!

  7. G

    FS N54 Long Block

    Selling my very clean N54 long block. Came out of my 2009 135i that was totalled out because of a sode impact :(. I have tons of service records and what not to prove the 73,000 miles including a video of it running and idling smoot after the acvident and it pulled. Has a newer valve cover...
  8. A

    Fortune Auto 500 Install - DIY

    What's up everyone. I wound up getting rid of the air ride and as I am taking my car in a different direction. I went ahead and ordered some Fortune Auto 500 coils with 8k and 11k Swift Springs, locking collars, and radial bearings. Here is the first part of the video of me doing an unboxing...
  9. hassan_hamdan

    E8x Non-LCI Tear down, CF Eyebrow and Rings DIY Thread

    First, let me say, im no professional by any means, and figured I would try my hand at creating a solution for a problem that isn't really addressed. In the fall had hit a hard enough pothole without paying attention, and although the 1er was alright, the inner grey ring for the adaptive...
  10. BMW 135i N55 | 3.5" LOUD turboback exhaust! - YouTube

    BMW 135i N55 | 3.5" LOUD turboback exhaust! - YouTube

    2013 BMW 135is N55 Black Market Racing 3.5" catback exhaust with custom down pipe (straight 3.5", no Y splits) MHD Tuning Injen Intake Evolution Racewerks FMIC
  11. 2013 135is

    2013 135is

  12. S

    mhd linear throttle fail

    I've been running an MHD OTS S1 tune for a couple weeks now. This morning I decided to try the "linear throttle" option. So I loaded the same S1 91 octane map but checked the "linear throttle" option. Turned off ignition, then back on. Started it, and car did a bizarre idle where it would kind...
  13. hassan_hamdan

    How Many E8x Are Here?

    I feel like the 1 series form isnt as heavy as the 3 series or anything else really. Im curious to see where some of you guys are from. Post up a pic of your 1er, any mods, and location! Alberta, Canada.
  14. hassan_hamdan

    Raspy Sound on Start up?

    Hey guys, so i wasnt to sure if this was normal or not, but everytime i start up my n54 135i (Bone stock atm), i get this lound raspy rattle in my exhaust. Only lasts for about a minuite or two until engine warms up, then its completely gone. To add more confusion to this all, if during the...
  15. DAVE

    Dave's e82 build thread

    Hey guys, I created a Tumblr build thread but a few people asked me to do one here so here goes. I have built many cars. Mostly muscle but I love classic bugs and I've even done a couple turbo hondas... Hell, I've had more cars than years of life. I actually wanted a 1er since late 2012 but...
  16. hassan_hamdan

    E8X Quad exhaust with performance???

    Hey guys i wanted to ask on opinions for quad exhaust set up for the 135i. Im currently running a 09 135i which i am planing on building as a show car, however my personall philosophy is that if a car looks mean, it better drive mean, so while i throw my money at this to look great, i do want...
  17. performanceboutique

    Performance Boutique N54 Billet Valve Cover

    Backed by popular demand, we are releasing pricing on our billet valve cover. Please read the post all the way through. We are a Canadian company, but we will be posting prices in USD on the forums as it's the biggest customer base. Plugging of PCV oil drain ports is highly recomended to avoid...
  18. PaulKendall

    135i project

    I am currently working on fitting 315s on the back of my 135i. I think most of you will recognize the wheels and fenders from the mrpink build. I am putting the 1m style rear bumper on and auto flexing the car at the end of the month! More updates to come, I plan on making a detailed diy of the...
  19. Krazi3azn

    Hard Motorsport Fender Flares Inquiry

    Anyone close to Spokane, Washington USA? Was speaking to Adam @ Hardmotorsport about potentially making flares for the E82. His flare looked very clean on the e90/e36 and thought maybe they could make some for our platform. He replied "If we had a car we could do something". Just trying to...
  20. AK135i

    jb4 2step doesnt hold set rpm

    First post, and a noob here, so I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed I searched and couldn't find any threads that covered this problem with a solution. So the issue is ever since ive installed the 2step relay with jb4 (with current firmware) the car will randomly 2step past...